Pop-Tarts Now Come in a Limited-Edition Fruit Loops Flavor

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What would happen if you accidentally dropped an ooey, gooey iced Pop-Tart into a box of sweet, sweet Fruit Loops? Now you don’t have to imagine—because, according to recent reports, these cereal-spiked toaster pastries are an actual thing.

Instagrammer @Snackstalker recently spotted the toaster treats at Walmart. Along with a pic of the box, @Snackstalker wrote, “The best holiday gift is here!”

If you’re a fan of either breakfast treat, the limited-edition snacks are right up your alley. The 16-pack box, which is only available in stores (as of now), has days of snacks in store for Pop-Tart and Fruit Loop lovers alike.

Even though Kellogg’s doesn’t list the Fruit Loop-filled flavor on its website, Instagrammers are still finding boxes across the country. If you can’t find this sugar-packed pick at your local Walmart, you still have plenty of Pop-Tart options. Fab flavors such as the unicorn-themed Sparkelicious Cherry, Cookies & Creme, Drizzled Sugar Cookie Frosted Brownie Batter and Vanilla Milkshake are all still tasty choices!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Snackstalker via Instagram 



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