With less than a week until Halloween, we’re in full blown Halloween mode in my house! We’ve already picked out our Halloween Costume, did a little bit of decorating and now but it’s time to prep food for the day! It may sound like a bit of a head start, but with Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year, and the fact that we go hard for Halloween, I wanted to make sure breakfast, lunch, and dinner we’re ready to go!

Tips to Consider

When Halloween falls on a weekend, it’s easier to control kids meal choices for the day. This is particularly important for my kid since she does not always make the best food choices! So here are my ideas for Halloween Meal Ideas for Kids.

Halloween Meals for Kids – Breakfast

Breakfast is probably the easiest Halloween Meal to control. This is because the day is just starting and the fresh food is still in the fridge! To help keep the Reese in control of her choices, we will usually have a big breakfast on Halloween day. This Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Recipe is not only super easy, but the Reese loves crumbling the graham crackers! It is also jam-packed with nutrients, meaning Reese stay fuller for longer and can help curb some of the treats she may have during the day.

Halloween Meals for Kids – Lunch

My Daughters school does an annual Halloween parade, so for this year’s lunch, I opted to go with more snack/finger food options. This will minimize  dropping food on her costume! These Halloween themed pumpkin chips with Dip are a cinch to make and the thought of having chips for lunch is a total win in her book!

I usually start the prep the night before by using our Halloween cookie cutters! These are easy for kids to use and you can separate them while making sure the kids are safe! I also give her the choice to decide if she would like the pumpkin ‘chips’ baked in the oven or left alone and soft! Either way, it is easy for her to help make this meal!

Halloween Meals for Kids – Dinner

Okay so the busiest day is almost over and hopefully, the kids kept their snacks and treats to a minimum throughout the day! Because Dinner will be the smallest meal, (only because it takes us longer to get home from school then start the second stages of Halloween!) dinner on Halloween Night will be Jenny’s Stuffed Peppers. It’s super easy to make and keeps the kids giggling throughout dinner while getting healthy food into their tummies!

With these meals planned (and all the snacks they will have in between), we are set and ready for the simple Halloween Meals for the kids and the adults!

Featured Photo Courtesy: Courtney Blacher
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