Plastic cups. They’ve have been known hold your adult beverage at a BBQ but they’re also one of the best (and cheapest!) ingredients to add to play time. Save your sanity on sweltering summer days by getting the scoop on clever indoor cup play. From stacking as high as little arms can reach to making a fantastic fishing game, there’s no end to the entertainment a sleeve of cups can provide. Scroll down for 8 of our favorite.

Photo: Laura Marschel via LalyMom

1. Racing Around
Laura of LalyMom offers up three cool cup games and this racing version is our favorite! Your speed racer will get a kick out of twisting a clear cup with roads and vehicles already drawn on it. You’ll get to smile about the fine motor skills workout she’s getting at the same time. Head over to LalyMom to find out how to match the car to the road and to check out her other fab ideas.

Photo: Handmade Charlotte

2. Reel Fun Fishing 
When you can’t get to the beach to cool off, this adorable handmade fishing game will do the trick. Making the game is half the fun and when everyone’s had their fill, save it for another indoor day! Grab paint, paper cups and head straight for Handmade Charlotte. You’ll get all the details and even find out why LEGOs may come in handy.

Photo: Allison Waken via All For the Boys

3. Super Stacking Cups
It’s a castle! It’s a skyscraper! It’s totally awesome take on stacking cups! With stiff paper wedged in between each level, all of a sudden, those plastic cups become so much more. We love this clever idea from Allison over at All For the Boys.

Photo: Maureen Wagner via StrongStart

4. Perfect Pendulum Painting
A messy but oh-so-fab way to introduce pendulums to the tiny set. They’ll get a dose of art and science summer school in one indoor afternoon. Wondering how to construct your own? StrongStart has the how-to. Psst! Those frames are easier to find than you think!

Photo: Gabby Cullen

5. Bowling Cups
A classic to complete our list. Every parent looking to pass the time has enjoyed this game with their baby bowlers. You can change it up when it comes to cups, but the plastic ones work best.  Arrange em’, stack em’, knock em’ down! Set up teams or just let them roll the ball to their hearts content.

Photo: Rebecca Dunn via Sturdy for Common Things

6. Fire Up the Cup
We’ve seen our fair share of cup animals—this dragon is delightful! Not only will it keep your wild animals busy, it’s the perfect way to blow off steam. Head over to Sturdy for Common Things to find out exactly how it’s done.

Photo: Bern Grbic via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

7. Shake your Cup
As if the sound of your kids running up and down the halls wasn’t enough for a day of indoor fun. Perfect for an impromptu jam session, these simple instruments are a blast for the creative types at home. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas will show you what you need.

Photo: Amy Christie via This Heart of Mine

8. Sweet Shooters
Talk about a clever way to rid your house of stale marshmallows! Make it a launching contest and it’s also a sweet way to spend an afternoon. We love the version Amy came up with over at This Heart of Mine, pop on over to get the list of supplies you’ll need.


What kind of indoor fun will you have when it’s too hot outside? Share with us in the comments! 

— Gabby Cullen

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