With a little DIY magic, you can take an old kiddie pool from dumpster-ready to super fabulous. We’ve rounded up our favorite surprising and adorable ways to give the classic outdoor toy new life inside or outside of your house. Scroll down for fun tips and tricks to upcycle your kiddie pool.

DIY Ball Pit

Chelsea via Lovely Indeed

Kids a good ball pit, but sometimes we get a little icked out by the germ potential. That's where this clever DIY kiddie pool ball pit comes in—it's easy to make, and the only germs swimming around in it are your kid's own. Chelsea at Lovely Indeed did all the research and can show you how to create the best possible ball pit, guaranteed!


Gone Fishing

Anne Caminiti- Momee Friends of Long Island

Here, fishy fishy. Set up an afternoon of backyard fishing fun by turning your kiddie pool into a pond. We love the double upcycle in this fishing game: old pool noodles get new life as fish and swim around in a baby pool. Swim over to Momee Friends of Long Island to learn how to make your own.

How does your garden grow?

Christy Jordan/Southern Plate

This creative DIY upcycle will help you grow a green thumb. With an old kiddie pool, you can make a new raised garden bed before naptime is through. Plus, these garden beds are just the right height for veggie loving kids to tend to their own plants. Find out how you can make your own from Christy at Southern Plate.

Ahoy Matey!

Sweeten Your Day Events

Even landlubbers will love walking this plank. Sweeten Your Day Events used a kiddie pool ocean as part of an epic pirate-themed party but we think you can surprise the kids with a pirate day any day! See how it's done at Sweet Your Day's site. 

Rainbow Magic

Agnes Hsu via Hello Wonderful

Fill a kiddie pool with rainbow soap foam for an afternoon of magical sudsy fun. We love that this easy sensory activity gives kids the chance to be inside of a rainbow. Slide over to Hello Wonderful to find out how to make your own rainbow bubbles.

To the Dogs

Take Lucy

Give your best friend a bath in an old kiddie pool. Sweet Lucy here looks squeaky clean after her fun kiddie pool adventures. Pick up some tips and tricks on scrubbing your own furry companion at Take Lucy.


Water Balloon Blast

Sunny Day Family

Fill a kiddie pool with water balloons, and you'll be winning at water fights. You can take the water balloon fun up a notch with Sunny Day Family's creative water balloon stomp idea. While Laura used a big plastic tub for her water balloon stomp, we think it'd be fun in an old kiddie pool, too. Stomp over to Sunny Day Family to find out more—including the fun inspiration for this kid-pleasing activity.

Beachy Keen

Jillian Leslie via Catch My Party

Bring the beach to your backyard with this clever kiddie pool trick. This version is the centerpiece of a beach birthday party, but we think this DIY sandbox would add fun to any yard. Learn more about this Birthday Beach Bash at Catch My Party.

Creative Combinations

Sam via Simple Everyday Mom

We wouldn't have thought to pair shaving cream and pool noodles for sensory play, but now that we've seen this awesome idea from Simple Everyday Mom, we can't wait to try it! Using a kiddie pool makes for interactive play and easy clean-up. Let Sam at Simple Everyday Mom show you how it's done—and how you can build a little learning into this playful activity.

Artistic Genius

One Crayola Short

Brilliant art teacher Mrs. Y created this interactive art project using a kiddie pool and tennis balls. We love that this one gets kids' creative juices flowing, and creates wall-worthy modern art. Check out how you can set this messy painting project up at One Crayola Short.

Water Table

Mary Lea/Pink and Green Mama

Looking for a water table on a budget? This DIY option is the most affordable water table out there. Check out how easy it is to make your own at Pink and Green Mama. You can add an extra-fun touch by floating homemade sailboats in the water.


Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere

Momma Society via Project Nursery

Turn that kiddie pool into the worlds' biggest bubble container. With a hula hoop, you can make bubbles so big you'll blow your kiddo's mind. You can also make DIY bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and extend the fun. Follow the recipe at Project Nursery, and you'll be blowing bubbles in no time.

DIY Water Park

backyard waterpark ideas
Little White House

Combine a plastic slide and a kiddie pool, and you'll have your own pint-sized water park. Here are even more home water park ideas. We love the homemade slip n' slide!



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