California’s Governor Is the New BBC Dad

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When you’re a working parent it can be hard to juggle your kids and work responsibilities, but when you’re living in the spotlight those challenges can sometimes be put on display for the whole world to see. Just like the hard lesson the BBC dad learned last year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’ son Dutch, taught his dad that toddlers and politics don’t always play nice.

In California, millions watched as Newsom took the stage to give his inaugural address as the state’s newest governor. Unfortunately, the ceremony was adorably interrupted when Newsom’s two-year-old son Dutch stole the show by climbing onto the stage with his dad—not once, but twice!

Armed with a blankie and a pacifier, Dutch approached his dad mid-rhetoric and there was nothing the dad could do but scoop up his son and give him a kiss, adding and improvised line to his speech, “Now more than ever we Californians know how much a house matters and children matter.”

Newsom carried on speaking with his son in his arms for a few minutes before finally setting him down, only to have Dutch comically run to the front of the stage and then dart back behind the podium for a mom fake out. The seasoned toddler move sent the crowd into a fit of laughter.

California’s First Lady and mom Jennifer Siebel Newsom managed to finally pull him away only, to have him appear on stage again minutes later. His final attempt at attention from his dad was finally foiled, however, as his mom nabbed him and carried him away one last time.

While Newsom handled the moment with a bit more grace than the BBC dad, we can’t help but think he could use a few tips on the secret to well-behaved kids from another famous family (paging: the Royals!) to avoid being upstaged by his kids for the rest of his term.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Gavin Newsom via Instagram



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