Getting Better Just Got Better With This Innovative Telehealth Device

Fall is here! With its beautiful ever-changing scenery, apple picking and oh-so-important “what should I be for Halloween?” decisions kids face, along come the coughs, colds and ear infections that cooler weather brings. Already cringing thinking about worry-filled late nights, endless searches in online parenting groups and dreaded visits to crowded urgent cares with long wait times? Oh, we get it, and we’ve found the solution: TytoCare is transforming the doctor’s visit as we know it by making medical exams, diagnosis and treatment available from the comfort of your couch! Read on to learn more about what makes TytoCare one-of-a-kind and why we love it.

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What Is TytoCare?

Developed by a father of young kids, TytoCare was built with parents in mind. This handheld exam kit connects people with doctors for on-demand medical exams from the comfort of home. TytoCare uses cutting edge technology and impressive innovation for in-depth exams, including capturing vital signs like heart rate and temperature—as if the doctor is home with you.

Now you can skip the crowded waiting room! TytoCare handheld exam kit and app let you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider or by yourself with the guidance of the app’s TytoAcademy tutorial to ensure accurate exam data is captured.

The exam kit, together with TytoApp™ (android or iOS), enables you to examine your child’s ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin, abdomen and temperature, to share with a board-certified physician for a quick diagnosis. As needed, the doctor can send a prescription to your local pharmacy —it’s the quickest, safest and easiest doc visit you’ve ever experienced!


What’s in the Kit?

Answer: Everything you need to keep your family healthy and put your mind at ease! Just download the TytoApp to connect with a healthcare professional, and use the simple tools the kit provides:

  • Tyto Device with exam camera and thermometer to relay the necessary info straight to the doctor
  • Otoscope adaptor for investigating the ear canal for ear symptoms
  • Stethoscope adaptor to examine coughs and congestion symptoms
  • Tongue depressor adapter to investigate sore throat symptoms

Together with TytoCare and your virtual doctor, you’ll also be able to monitor heart sounds for abnormalities, measure body temperature, assess skin conditions and listen for abdominal issues.

Why We Love It

When it comes to making, keeping and physically showing up to doctor appointments, now more than ever there are so many obstacles in the way. With work and school being remote in order to keep people safe, it only makes sense that healthcare would follow suit.

While telemedicine isn’t completely new, TytoCare’s method is! Their innovative and comprehensive approach, from appointment to virtual visit to care plan is not only time saving, but also stress saving. Now you don’t need to worry about risking your family’s health by sitting in a crowded, germ-filled waiting room or being in person at a doctor’s office.

More than just a video chat with a doctor, TytoCare provides medical exams whenever you need them, whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. It’s also incredibly efficient: Your child can be examined, diagnosed and prescribed treatment without having to travel. No more debates about whether or not to rush to urgent care, with TytoCare, you’ll know immediately if action needs to be taken or if you can (hopefully) go back to sleep.  Also, it’s completely secure. TytoCare uses a HIPAA-secure platform that only you and the healthcare provider can access, so you can be certain your information is safe and secure.


Bottom line: TytoCare is peace of mind and that, like our health, is priceless.



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For a limited time, TytoCare is offering $50 off for Red Tricycle Subscribers! Use Code TYTOTRI 




Disclaimer: The Tyto Stethoscope is FDA cleared and all TytoCare devices comply with FDA regulatory requirements.



—Jamie Aderski



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