We firmly believe pets are 100% part of the family. These pet gifts will make sure they feel part of it!

They bring us all the joy, are always happy to see us, and convince us to let them on the couch even after we promised we never would. They don’t judge us, even if they have seen us at our worst. And despite the fact that we can’t live at the dog park like they’d prefer us to, they still adore us no matter what.  They’re our pets, and our holidays wouldn’t be complete without them! We’re making sure Santa Paws comes to our houses with our guide to pet gifts (and for pet-lovers)!

Are they frisky? Bouncy? Calm? Each pet has their own special personality, which means they also have their own special sets of likes and dislikes, too. From cozy to cute to squeaky to funny (and no, those aren’t the names of four new reindeer), we’ve got the gifts and goodies to make our furry friends purr. Oh, and we made sure to include more than just pet gifts; we remembered their owners, too! Pet owners will always want something that reminds them of their fuzzy babies, so it’s not hard for us to almost guarantee that the pet people on your list will be thrilled with what we found. Most importantly, we’re on a mission to make the ones that love us unconditionally know that the feeling is completely mutual.

Pets Magnetic Scene

Holiday travel coming up? Snag this magnetic scene kit that includes 50 pieces for hours of K9 creativity for your non-fur baby!

Pets Magnetic Scene ($25.00)—Buy Now

Acrylic Photo Block

You have a thousand pet pics saved on your phone; how about displaying them in a unique and fun way? The Acrylic Photo Blocks from VistaPrint are totally customizable and let your furry friend take center stage wherever you choose to show it off.

Acrylic Photo Block (Starting at $39.99)—Buy Now

Snuggle Bed

A sleeping bag, a mat, a bolster bed—this snuggler does it all!

Snuggle Bed ($26.18)—Buy Now

Merry Woofmas Plush Toy Set

Get your furry fam into the holiday spirit with this absolutely adorable 5-piece set!

Merry Woofmas Plush Toy Set ($68.50)—Buy Now

Snowflake Pet Personalized Burgundy Christmas Photo Stocking

You have to have somewhere to put their new Merry Woofmas toy set, right? How adorable is this stocking?

Snowflake Pet Personalized Burgundy Christmas Photo Stocking ($16.49)—Buy Now

Repeating Name Collar

With 6 colors to choose from, you'll find one that matches your pet's personality!

Repeating Name Collar ($9.99)—Buy Now

Dog Face Sweatshirt

There are a bunch of breeds to choose from, and we love the idea of taking our pups everywhere with us.

Dog Face Sweatshirt ($24.50)—Buy Now

If My Dog Could Talk Book

Kiddos and grownups alike will adore seeing their puppy grace the pages of this super precious book!

If My Dog Could Talk Book ($29.99)—Buy Now

Custom Dog Blanket

Maybe one of our editors has a miniature dachshund. And maybe that dachshund has an affinity for fleece blankets. And maybe she's about to buy this super darling blanket. Several colors to choose from, too!

Custom Dog Blanket ($7.05)—Buy Now

Smart HD Pet Camera

Ever wish you could call and check in with your pets? Us, too. This two-way communication camera does it all!

Smart HD Pet Camera ($39.99)—Buy Now

Chewlulemon Bag Plush Toy

We laughed out loud when we saw this one. Filled with fun just like yours, your doggy will be oh-so-chic.

Chewlulemon Bag Plush Toy ($11.16)—Buy Now

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