They’ll always be your kids’ favorite, so make sure they know it with these gifts for cool aunts & uncles

Maybe they have kids of their own; maybe they don’t. Either way, our own siblings always seem to end up being our kiddos’ favorite people on the planet. They’re just so much cooler than us, right? Younger, older, near, or far, it doesn’t matter. Aunts and uncles are where it’s at as far as our little ones are concerned, and we suspect (no, we know) that their adoration of their nieces and nephews knows no bounds, obviously. Even if they won’t admit it to us. So we’re on a mission to show them what they mean to us and to our kids with these gifts for aunts and uncles!

No matter what kind of aunt or uncle they are, we’ve found them something great. We’ve also made sure to include goodies that not only show them that we love them, but also that we know they’re a little more fun than we are (at least according to little eyes!). Our guide to gifts for aunts and uncles is going to be your go-to when you’re searching for something perfect.

Etched Can Glass

You've probably seen these distinct can-shaped glasses all over Instagram, with with VistaPrint's etching options, you can hook them up with an on-trend and personalized gift that's ideal for iced coffee, lemon water, brews—anything they like sipping on!

Etched Can Glass ($10.39)—Buy Now

Letterfolk Tile Mat

Everyone loves the classic Letterfolk Tile Mat, since you can customize them however you want. We assume your kids' aunt or uncle will want to go ahead and officially label their house the "fun house", right?

15% Off with Code TINY15—Valid 10/20 through 12/31

Letterfolk Tile Mat ($100.00)—Buy Now

Lele Sadoughi Downtown Women's Aviator Sunglasses

Pink acetate and 14k gold hardware make up these Cool Girl sunnies that she'll love all year!

Lele Sadoughi Downtown Women's Aviator Sunglasses ($165.00)—Buy Now

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

All the benefits of a full bar in one coffee-maker-inspired machine! Mixer capsules combine with vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin/rum, and water from one of the tempered glass containers designed for your spirits to create easy cocktails in a snap.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker ($369.95)—Buy Now

Sur La Table Hot Chocolate Trio

For chocolate lovers, there's nothing better in the chilly months than excellent hot cocoa.

Sur La Table Hot Chocolate Trio ($24.95)—Buy Now

Dreambaby® Grab N' Go Booster Seat

When little ones go to Aunt Favorite and Uncle Favorite's house for a sleepover, or even just an afternoon out on the town! Dreambaby® Grab 'N Go booster is a perfect gift for on-the-go families. It’s great for having little ones at the dining table without needing to keep a highchair on hand for little visitors.

Dreambaby® Grab N' Go Booster Seat ($34.99)—Buy Now

Evenflo Play-Away Portable Playard

Speaking of staying some time away from home, this portable playard is perfect for indoor/outdoor/aunt and uncle's house!

Evenflo Play-Away Portable Playard ($89.49)—Buy Now

Tia/Tio T-Shirts

A cool alternative to "Aunt" or "Uncle", these ultra-soft tees will be worn over and over again!

Tia/Tio T-Shirts ($10.74+/each)—Buy Now

Auntie & Uncle Scrabble Frame

Repurposed Scrabble tiles make this a Christmas morning winner!

Auntie & Uncle Scrabble Frame ($21.16)—Buy Now

COACH Striped Scarf

Merino wool makes this super fun scarf a must-have for chilly weather and whimsical tastes!

COACH Striped Scarf ($145.00)—Buy Now

Fossil Men's Gen 6 Black Silicon Strap Smartwatch 44mm

All the benefits of a smart watch in a really sleek design by watch icon Fossil. Uncle Cool will sport this proudly!

Fossil Men's Gen 6 Black Silicon Strap Smartwatch 44mm ($299.00)—Buy Now

Best Aunt Ever Star Award

If you haven't told her enough lately, this award will let her know she's the best aunt ever!

Best Aunt Ever Star Award ($32.99)—Buy Now

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels—Set of 2

Listed in GQ's Best Stuff, the Brooklinen bath towels are a necessity that feels like a luxury!

Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels—Set of 2 ($60.00)—Buy Now

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