These gifts for your partner or spouse are a whole love language

Between kids, coworkers, extended family, friends, and more, it’s easy for our partners and spouses to get lost in the general hubbub of the season. We’re definitely not judging you. We’ve been there! It’s not unusual to be absolutely swamped with seasonal stuff this time of year. Sometimes it feels like there’s always something that needs to be done, something that needs wrapping, somewhere we need to be…Even if we’re having the most fun, that doesn’t make us any less busy. It can feel next to impossible to also come up with a gift for your partner or spouse. And that’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for your partner or spouse we could find so that you can easily find the perfect present. It doesn’t have to be hard to mean the world! In fact, we think it’s important to make this season as un-stressful as possible. A less-stressed you means a less-stressed everyone. And we’re pretty sure that your nearest and dearest wouldn’t want you to feel any kind of anxiety when it comes to getting them something for the holidays! So, take a deep breath, check your calendar, and read on for the best gifts for your partner or spouse!

Paint Your Life

Having a professional artist create a one-of-a-kind portrait for your loved one guarantees a gift win! Select the art style you'd like (oil, watercolor, charcoal, and more!), upload a photo (or even more than one that you'd like combined into a single portrait), select an artist from Paint Your Life's team of talent, and you're set. It's a fantastic gift that's sure to be loved for many years to come.

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Paint Your Life (Starting at $150.00)—Buy Now

Super Plush Robe

What's more luxurious than wrapping your loved one up in Turkish cotton? This unisex robe comes in multiple colors and prints, too.

Super Plush Robe ($99.00), Brooklinen—Buy Now

Linen Starter Sheet Set

Even with that plush robe, it'll be tough to get out of bed when it's covered in these gorgeous sheets. Made from 100% Belgian and French Flax and available in multiple colors, prints, and combinations.!

Linen Starter Sheet Set (Starting at $159.80), Brooklinen—Buy Now


Winc is our favorite way to try out new wines and enjoy ones we already love! This monthly subscription service pairs you with bottles and blends catered to your specific tastes. How do they know what makes your tastebuds tingle? Winc creates your wine profile after you answer 6 (yep—only 6) questions and sends you an exclusive selection of vinos based on your answers. You'll rate each bottle and Winc will continue to tailor their recommendations to your preferences as they get to know you! It's a fantastic way to discover new flavors, learn about different regions, and always have a bottle on hand for a special evening (even if having the bottle on hand is what makes the evening special!). Date night at home? We're there.

Give a Winc Gift—Start Here


Our Story Canvas

Fully personalized to tell your story, the finished canvas is then stretched and then ready to hang!

Our Story Canvas ($39.99), Personalization Mall—Buy Now

Relationship Memories Personalized 60x80 Plush Fleece Blanket

Personalize this cozy blanket with any names and 15 lines of text, pick one of four colors, and settle in for a snuggle!

Relationship Memories Personalized 60x80 Plush Fleece Blanket ($54.99+), Etsy—Buy Now


Regardless of whether or not you're going through an extremely difficult situation, or could use someone just to lend an ear, Talkspace is the online therapy resource that we swear by. If you've seen your partner struggling, whether with something as serious as chronic depression or something a little less serious, like job burnout, Talkspace is a kind, considerate, and loving gift to offer them. We'll never stop talking about the convenience, professional matching abilities, and budget-friendliness of this service that creates a space for us to focus on our mental health. And that makes us better for ourselves and everyone in our lives!

Talkspace—Learn More Here

LEGO Heart Keychain Set

These matching keychains are so cute, Tinybeans and Buzzfeed love them!

LEGO Heart Keychain Set ($8.48+), Etsy—Buy Now

Vitamin Me

Vitamin Me features 60 real pill capsules with various expressions: cute winking face, smiling face, and heart faces, accompanied by blank pieces of paper in assorted colors for writing special notes to roll up into each capsule!

Vitamin Me ($19.99), Etsy—Buy Now

Personalized Song Canvas

This sound wave print on canvas can be created with any song—first dance, wedding, song you sing together in the kitchen—for a unique and heartwarming gift.

Personalized Song Canvas ($125.00+), Etsy—Buy Now

Personalized First Date Acrylic Map

We know "x" usually marks the spot, but on this acrylic map, the heart marks the spot where you and your loved one had your first date!

Personalized First Date Acrylic Map ($24.99), Etsy—Buy Now

Spiral Soundwave Print

We really do love the idea of a soundwave that show a special audio. This one allows you to capture a song or personal vocal audio and display it!

Spiral Soundwave Print ($70.00+), Etsy—Buy Now

I've Made You a Mix Tape

A USB that you can load photos, songs, notes, anything you want, with the retro styling of an old school mix tape that's just too charming for words!

I've Made You a Mix Tape ($22.25+), Etsy—Buy Now

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