GigaPets Are Back & They’re Better Than Ever

In the 90s virtual pets were all the rage. We could never imagine how these types of toys would foreshadow our future in the digital age. Now GigaPets is making a comeback in a big way. 


This summer, GigaPets is proud to announce three new releases: GigaPetsAR, GigaPets Trolls and GigaPets Pixie. These new styles include all the features from their 90’s predecessors with tons of fun and exciting upgrades like augmented reality, more advanced game play and evolutions and fun additions to the housings like wings, limbs and hair. 


GigaPets AR



Choose between a Puppy, Unicorn, or a T-Rex. Experience full pet responsibilities including feeding, putting it to sleep, cleaning and bathing, taking it to the doctor, teaching it tricks, and discipline. Includes retro themed tinted transparent shells, better graphics and game play than in the 90’s, upgraded hardware, and an extended battery life.

The free augmented reality app lets you experience your pet in 3D augmented reality. Complete activities on your GigaPets device to unlock screens which can be scanned to reveal special animations on your phone.The app also includes all the classic GigaPets features like feeding, cleaning, playing games and more so that you get two games for the  price of one.


GigaPets Trolls



Go on fun adventures with your new virtual friend, but whatever you do, try and avoid the barber. Every day the Troll’s hair will grow longer, but if you neglect it, those crazy locks will be cut and you will drop back down to day one. Don’t worry though your friend will always bounce back because Trolls never die. 


Two of the games (avoid the barber and jump the hurdles) can be accessed at any time. Keep your Troll happy and healthy to unlock 3 additional games (skateboarding, surfing, and mountain climbing) which get harder as you progress. Each device also comes with a set of possible limbs to help them stand up on their own and a full set of hair for added play value.


GigaPets Pixie


This is the most advanced GigaPets ever with 8 different evolutions to experience. In this game magic and the choices you make help determine your outcome. Additionally, each Pixie also includes a set of rubber wings and antenna for a more tactile experience. 

Choose from 4 different games that get harder as you progress. Collect elements such as clovers dew, seeds and fireflies by successfully casting spells and playing games. Use those elements to brew potions which will help your Pixie grow and determine their evolution path.

GigaPets will be available on Amazon and launching Summer 2020 at Target Stores nationwide.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of GigaPets


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