These Grandparents Commissioned a “Harry Potter” Themed Playhouse & It’s Seriously Magical

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Who has the best playhouse on the block? Two-year-old Logan, that’s who! The tot from Ontario, Canada has a custom 350 square foot playhouse in her yard—and it’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream.

The playhouse, which was created by Charmed Playhouses, features Hogwarts Castle’s tower, Ollivander’s wand shop, Dursleys’ Private Drive and Platform 9¾.

Lucky Logan’s grandparents, Dave and Ruby Dunlop, commissioned the playhouse, which now resides in the family’s yard. Not only does the exterior look like an IRL Harry Potter vision, but the interior also boasts everything from owl-themed armchairs to an electric fireplace.

As if this pure Potter perfection isn’t enough, Charmed Playhouses has also made a Neverland pirate ship (with a ball pit and fort), Rapunzel’s Cottage and Belle’s Cottage!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Charmed Playhouses via Instagram



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