Kids are spending more time at home now than ever before. Some are starting new business ventures, while others are perfecting their banana bread making skills or exploring the outdoors with their pod buddies. In-between the new hobbies and learned skills, 2020 has found kids completing chores, saving money and giving back to their community, according to Greenlight. Read on to discover the details of their just-released 2020 Year in Review, which reveals how many chores were actually completed this past year, the average allowance by age and the stores kids spent the most money at. The results are surprising.

Greenlight’s infographic below highlights some of their 2020 findings. We pulled out some of the most interesting highlights:

• In 2020, Greenlight saw 8.7 million chores completed, which is almost 5 million more chores completed than last year. Kids did 20% more chores each month in 2020, compared to 2019.

• The top three chores were: cleaning the bedroom, taking care of the pet and washing the dishes.

• The most unique chore? Putting on deodorant.

• The average allowance per age:
Ages 5-10: $9.20
Ages 11-14: $12.10
Ages 15-18: $16.30
Ages 19-22: $21.50

• Greenlight kids saved $51.5 million. They saved for things like a first car, holiday gifts and shoes.

• Donations increased 78% from March to April, with No Kid Hungry being the top charity.

• Greenlight kids spent $458 million on Doordash alone. In 2019, Walmart was the most popular store for Greenlight kids.


To learn more details of the study click here.

—Erin Lem

photo: Pixabay



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