This Grinch Maternity Photo Shoot Will Make Your Heart Grow Two Sizes

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Jordyn Volk is a seasoned newborn photographer so when her friend Tiffany Langer booked her maternity session so early, she was pretty curious. Langer joked about how she was going to show up in costume and knowing her friend, Volk wouldn’t have been surprised.

Langer is known for flair and Volk shares that she once ran for city council dressed up in a dinosaur costume with a jean jacket over it and waved to people at stop lights. Still, the photographer was in for one fun shoot when her pregnant mama friend showed up as Dr. Suess’ most popular character––the Grinch!

Langer definitely had help bringing the Grinch to life. Audra Arampatzis from Audra Day Spa & Salon helped with the life-like makeup and Megan Olson sewed the creative costume for the mama-to-be.

The result? A Grinch ready for Whoville!

Langer tells Red Tricycle, “After losing my son, Kellan, in 2019 at 36 weeks pregnant, this pregnancy has been difficult and scary to navigate. I have been trying to challenge myself to embrace it, so I decided it would be fun to do a creative and unique maternity shoot. One of my best friends, Audra, is a makeup artist, and another great friend, Megan, can sew anything—so I asked for their help. After creating the perfect costume, I showed up and surprised my photographer, Jordyn, dressed as The Grinch!

I knew she would absolutely love it and embrace it with me—and I was right. She created the most magical pictures! I’ve spent the last year trying my best to spread love and kindness in Kellan’s name and the Kellan Kares Foundation. This was the perfect way for me to end the year, and truly make those around me smile. After the shoot, I dressed up again and spent and entire day dressed as The Grinch, running around town making people laugh.”

While the maternity session was definitely one for the books, Volk says that they will be doing an “official” session for Langer in the future.

You can follow Jordyn Photography on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about Kellan Kares, an organization that “strives to spread education, awareness, and support about infant & pregnancy loss,” visit their Facebook page.

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Jordyn Photography



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