Does your kiddo like things on the yucky side? Take advantage of the gross factor and make your at-home science lessons a little extra icky with the following science experiments for kids. Whether it’s making goo, growing mold or learning about germs, these fun and simple science experiments will have your little lab rat saying, “Ewww!” Click through the slideshow to get the goop.

Make a Non-Newtonian Fluid

Melissa Heckscher

Is it a solid or a liquid? Your little chemists will love playing around with this delightfully yucky ooze, which is a perfect example of a "non-Newtonian fluid" (a substance with both solid and liquid properties). Head over to Scientific American.


Let Germs Grow

Melissa Heckscher

Ready to show instead of tell how germs really lurk? Try this easy germ-growing experiment, which will help kids understand how even the cleanest-looking surfaces (and hands) can be filled with germs. Get the fun and yucky instructions at

Spread Some Germs

If growing germs didn't convince them, here's another way to teach your kids the importance of hand washing. This super-quick experiment shows how soap repels germs. All you need is a bowl of water, some pepper and a little dish soap to make the magic happen. Head over to Youtube to see the experiment in action.

Make Poop on Your Counter

Rhonda at

It doesn't get much grosser than this. Give your kids a visual lesson on how food travels from mouth-to-tush with this icky experiment that will have even the bravest of grossologists grossed out. Of course, they'll love every minute. Get the instructions at

Have a Gooey Peep War

This one is a little more gooey than gross, but we think it makes for great afternoon science. Grab some ghost peeps to get in the spirit of the season or use those leftover birds and bunnies you never actually tossed. Arm your Peeps with toothpicks, then pop them in the microwave to see who wins the joust. If your kids don't know what happens when marshmallows get microwaved, have them write their hypotheses beforehand (and/or bet on the winner!) Need inspiration? Watch a full-blown Peep jousting tournament here.

Go Viral

See how icky stuff like bacteria and virus travel in this easy experiment that uses glitter on little hands. Your kids will (hopefully) be washing their hands eagerly by the time they're done. Warning: you may find glitter hiding in places around the house after this one, so if it's nice out do this one in the outdoors. Find out more here.

In Praise of Spit

C'mon, spit's got a bad rap. Do your kids know they wouldn't be able to taste things without saliva to dissolve food particles? Learn the importance of spit (and enjoy a snack) in this taste-testing experiment, courtesy of

Play a Smelly Game of Sniff-and-Seek

What smells? Our noses do! Teach kids the importance smell with this activity that asks them to use only their noses to identify objects. Can they sniff out the fish oil over the garlic cloves? The lemon juice over the orange oil? Homeschooling blogger Ana has the instructions at Babble Dabble Do.


—Melissa Heckscher



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