It’s the season of gathering, so make your friends and family feel extra welcome with these guest room essentials

The holidays are (somehow!) almost here, and that means guests are, too. Obviously, seeing our favorite people is something we look forward to all year, and making them feel comfortable in our homes is really important to us. So this time of year has us asking: is our guest room ready? Whether you immediately nodded “yes” or cringed a little, our guest room essentials guide is for you. From a full guest room overhaul to adding a few extra tweaks, we have everything your guests could possibly need to feel completely at home.

If there’s anything guests hate, it’s having to ask for something. Even if your hosts are nearest and dearest to you, it’s far more comfortable to have everything you need, right at your fingertips. Our guest room essentials guide is on top of it. We’ve made sure to include even the smallest details to make your job of holiday hosting a breeze, and to make company feel as relaxed as possible. We’re keeping your holiday full house less Family Vacation and more It’s a Wonderful Life. So, Host With the Most, are you ready?

Chunky Knit Throw

Knit blanket draped over ladder

There are a few things that make a room just feel cozier: candles, soft pillows, and warm blankets. Plus, even if you're used to sleeping in a cool 68° room doesn't mean your guests are, and keeping a great collection of blankets accessible keeps everyone resting easy.

Chunky Knit Throw ($86.99) Here

Twisted Top Faux-Silk Window Panel

A little luxury never hurt, and a guest room is the perfect place to add some. Since guest rooms aren't used all the time, daily wear and tear isn't as much of an issue, so these pretty faux-silk window panels give your home chic hotel vibes.

Twisted Top Faux-Silk Window Panel (Package of 1) ($36.99) Here

Hotel-Style Folding Luggage Rack with Shelf

Speaking of hotel vibes, a luggage rack isn't just an accessory; it's a necessity. The convenience of keeping their luggage organized and within reach, plus it folds away when not in use.

Hotel-Style Folding Luggage Rack with Shelf ($48.79) Here

The Guest Room Guide

We love this sweet wall decor piece! It's such a cute way to remind your guests to make themselves at home and add some personality to your guest room.

The Guest Room Guide ($89.99) Here

Wifi Network & Password Sign

It's so easy to forget the basics that we take for granted in our own home, but this dry-erase-ready sign is here to make sure your friends and family's devices are connected and all set to go.

Wifi Network & Password Sign ($25.20) Here

Wooden Guest Room Hangers

Add a little message to your guest room closet with this hanger set to remind them you're happy they're here!

Wooden Guest Room Hangers ($14.99) Here

Over-the-Door Valet Hook

Plastic valet hanger

It's all in the details! Small conveniences like this valet hook add so much to your guests' experience.

Over-the-Door Valet Hook ($17.99) Here

Modern Garment Rack

Garment rack with clothing hanging

A garment rack is a must if your guest room closet is full, small, or non-existent. This one is sleek and easily fits even in tighter spaces!

Modern Garment Rack ($119.99) Here

USB Bedside Table Lamps—Set of 2

You can never have enough places to plug in and charge, and we're all about multi-tasking products!

USB Bedside Table Lamps—Set of 2 ($45.99) Here

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers—Set of 30

Box of assorted shower steamer tabs

Give your guests a choice of shower experience with these assorted shower steamers! They'll definitely feel like they're on vacation.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers—Set of 30 ($50.97) Here

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette Singles

No one wants to take the time they could be spending with their loved ones to do a long skincare routine every night, and these individual makeup remover towelettes offer your guests a night off from lengthy skin steps!

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelette Singles ($10.20) Here

Non-Slip Disposable Slippers

A surprisingly affordable way to give your guests a spa moment, these slippers fit a range of sizes and can be tossed after they head home so everyone stays hygienic!

Non-Slip Disposable Slippers ($22.98) Here

Mouthwash Dispenser Set

A mouthwash dispenser with a stack of cups

We love how this offers guests mouthwash if needed without the impersonal bottle or having to use the cap.

Mouthwash Dispenser Set ($14.99) Here

Seamless Hair Elastics

Jar of black hair ponytail holders

We've lived long enough to lose our fair share of hair elastics, so having a supply when we're traveling would save the day! This little jar of elastics might just save the day for your guests.

Seamless Hair Elastics ($4.99) Here

Individually Packaged Bamboo Toothbrushes

Stacked boxes of toothbrushes

Another incredible convenience, these individually wrapped toothbrushes also come in handy for unexpected guests or kiddo sleepovers!

Individually Packaged Bamboo Toothbrushes ($15.99) Here

Guest Bar Soap—Set of Six

Box of guest soaps

Pretty soaps and guest bathrooms go hand-in-hand, and these whimsical soaps are perfect for the holidays with their seasonal scents and festive packaging!

Guest Bar Soap—Set of 6 ($12.99) Here

Natural Rattan Drum 2-Piece Accent Table Set

If you haven't gotten the theme here, it's details. These accent tables are fun, on-trend, and warm up any corner of your guest room!

Natural Rattan Drum 2-Piece Accent Table Set ($223.99) Here

Starry Marble Coasters—Set of 4

Set of star-shaped coasters on wooden table

Protect those rattan tables, or any other surface, with these adorable marble coasters!

Starry Marble Coasters—Set of 4 ($28.00) Here

Jao Refresher Not Just For Hands Sanitizer

Bottle of blue antibacterial hand gel

Forget those drying, medicinal smelling hand sanitizer. Set a bottle of this Refresher in your guest bedroom or bathroom and let the soothing aloe and chamomile, and the spa-day scent of clary sage and lavender heal and uplift your guests!

Jao Refresher Not Just For Hands Sanitizer ($18.00) Here

Bamford B. Silent Night-Time Body Oil

It can be tough to fall asleep in a different bed, no matter how comfortable hosts have made it. This body oil uses Saint John's Wort, lavender, and chamomile to soothe and relax and shea butter and coconut oil moisturize. Leave a bottle on the bedside table and sweet dreams are sure to follow!

Bamford B. Silent Night-Time Body Oil ($68) Here


Palms Iron Wreath

An iron wreath shaped as palm leaves hands on a wooden background

This stunning statement piece really adds a unique touch to your guest room vibe. 

Palms Iron Wreath ($58) Here

Camellia Jade Area Rug

A floral area rug

Keeping the guest room clean and tidy is easy when you have a Ruggable rug. Why? Because they're washable. Simply remove the cover and pop it in your home washing machine! Plus, they're gorgeous.

Camellia Jade Area Rug ($219) Here

Brushed Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe

Stainless steel carafe

We're keeping it classy with this carafe! Brew up a pot of coffee for your guests, fill it up, and let them start their day right in their room.

Brushed Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe ($49.95) Here

Guest Room Snacks & Beverages

Collage of mini bottled water, Annie's snack crackers, and RXBars

No one wants to go hunting around someone else's kitchen for something to snack on or drink. Set up a simple snack bar with individual treats and mini beverages on a side table or in a small basket! We actually might take this idea and just have a bunch of snacks in our own bedrooms.

Annie's Snack Variety Pack ($6.49) Here

RXBAR Protein Bar Variety Pack ($18.39) Here

Purified Drinking Water—24 Pack ($4.29) Here

LED Digital Alarm Clock

Mirrored digital display clock

A clock is another must, of course, but this one lets your guests customize it! There are three levels of brightness and even USB ports. Plus, it looks pretty darn cool.

LED Digital Alarm Clock ($18.36) Here

Apothecary Jars—4 Pack

Four apothecary jars filled with q-tips, cotton pads, cotton balls, and floss picks

Necessities are necessities for a reason, so make sure your guests have all the basics within reach in these apothecary jars!

Apothecary Jars—4 Pack ($11.99) Here

Power Strip with USB

White charging station

Can you tell we're obsessed with charging our devices? That's only because the holidays mean lots of pictures, FaceTime, Instagram posts, and gift orders, so we have to keep that technology juiced up.

Power Strip with USB ($9.99) Here

Large Rope Basket

You really can't have too many storage options in a guest room, and baskets like this one work well for dirty laundry, extra linens, etc.

Large Rope Basket ($19.24) Here

2-Piece Bedside Water Carafe with Tumbler

Glass carafe and drinking glass

This carafe set is much more attractive than a plastic cup or bottle. Even just for decoration, we think this is a really pretty piece!

2-Piece Bedside Water Carafe with Tumbler ($21.99) Here

Toilet Plunger & Bowl Brush Combo

Speaking of things your guests don't want to ask for, we think this one is self-explanatory. Make sure to add one to your guest bathroom and know they appreciate it!

Toilet Plunger & Bowl Brush Combo ($21.98) Here

6-Piece Towel Set

No one is bringing their own towels, right? Make sure they have a soft set reserved just for them.

6-Piece Towel Set ($39.99) Here

Oscillating Tower Fan

portable fan

We don't want anyone too hot, and we don't want anyone too cold. And, if your guests are anything like us, the white noise from a fan is an absolute need.

Oscillating Tower Fan ($74.99) Here

Large Full-Length Mirror

Silver full-length mirror standing against a wall

We've noticed a distinct lack of full-length mirrors in guest rooms, and we think that's a problem. It's one of those really appreciated fixtures that make a difference.

Large Full-Length Mirror ($174.99) Here

Quilted 3-Piece Coverlet Set

A made bed

Neutral colors are almost always a great idea. Especially in sleeping spaces, neutrals are soft and serene, and this coverlet set allows for extra blanket layers if needed.

Quilted 3-Piece Coverlet Set ($223.99) Here

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