The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be stressful (well, not quite as stressful) with these kiddo-friendly travel products

We can’t claim we’re going to eliminate all the challenges that come with family travel. Driving, flying, boating; no matter how you get there, the secret is in the supplies. These go-to kid-friendly travel products just make things, well, easier. From big problems to minor inconveniences, we’ve come up with some of the best kid travel products out there. Especially with the holidays coming up, these must-haves are going to save the day over and over again.

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YETI 12oz Kids Water Bottle

Red kids YETI

Yeah, we know, it seems like common sense, but investing in a good kids water bottle is going to help you avoid the “all my ice melted!”, “but it’s warm now!”, “it’s watered-down!” whines. And we know you know what we’re talking about.

YETI 12oz Kids Water Bottle ($25.00) Here

Ergobaby On the Move Sleep Bag

Baby sleep sack

Obviously, a sleep sack is a must, but this one is convertible! That means switching from nap time to play time in a snap as it goes from a sleep sack to a comfy romper. This is especially convenient for traveling long distances where your little one has to sleep on-the-go!

Ergobaby On the Move Sleep Bag (Starting at $39.00) Here

SKIP*HOP Zoo Little Kid Backpack

Let’s face it: the chances of them carrying their own stuff gets much better if they like what they’re carrying. These super cute backpacks come in a bunch of different animal options and are the perfect kid size!

SKIP*HOP Zoo Little Kid Backpack ($22.00) Here

Stephen Joseph Toiletry Bag

kids toiletry bag

We’ll admit we were pretty shocked when we figured out kids have toiletries(??) and we have to pack them (??). Keep their necessities close with this toiletry bag! Comes in 4 prints.

Stephen Joseph Toiletry Bag ($9.99) Here

J.L. Childress Gate Check Travel Bag for Car Seats

The airport is already an adventure without dealing with the hassle of the (totally necessary) car seat lugging. Protect yours with this easy-to-identify nylon bag designed for gate checking!

J.L. Childress Gate Check Travel Bag for Car Seats ($19.99) Here

OXO Tot On the Go Fork & Spoon Set with Travel Case

It’s very rare a restaurant has silverware that’s easy for little hands to maneuver, so toss this set into your baby bag, purse, or backpack for easy meals out and about.

OXO Tot On the Go Fork & Spoon Set with Travel Case ($9.99) Here

Quinny Buzz Travel Bag

You have your car seat protected; make sure your stroller is, too. This travel bag even has wheels for easy movement!

Quinny Buzz Travel Bag ($169.99) Here

SKIP*HOP 2-Piece Easy-Serve Travel Bowl & Spoon Set

Fill it with your little one’s favorite food, or use it for easy restaurant food feeding. This is going to come in handy so often!

SKIP*HOP 2-Piece Easy-Serve Travel Bowl & Spoon Set ($8.99) Here

The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book

Kids activity book

Puzzles, activities, quizzes, and games—this book has it all! Kids can create their own postcard, play detective, talk about why we daydream, and so much more. Forget hearing “Are we there yet?” ever again.

The Everything Kids’ Travel Activity Book ($8.49) Here

Malarkey Kids Munch Teether Mitt with Wash Travel Bag

Baby teething mitt and travel bag

If your baby can’t keep their hands out of their mouth, this silicon mitt is the perfect answer! The adjustable wrist lets it grow with them through all their teething stages, and the kicker? The included travel/wash bag prevents gross stuff from sticking to the silicon. 

Malarkey Kids Munch Teether Mitt with Wash Travel Bag ($10.99) Here

BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow

Kids purple travel pillow

This pint-sized pillow makes keeping them comfortable while traveling a lot easier! It comes in multiple colors and several different sizes, so you’ll find one that fits for sure.

BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow ($34.97) Here


Two woman with a luggage cart full of baby gear.

Maybe despite the convenient travel bags, the idea of bringing along strollers and car seats and the whole kit-and-caboodle sounds miserable. We get it. Meet BabyQuip, the baby gear rental folks who will deliver and pick up everything from cribs to toys to strollers and more, right at your hotel, Airbnb, rental property, you get it. How easy is that?

Check Out BabyQuip Here

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

Light up tracing pad

This Amazon Exclusive light-up tracing pad from Crayola comes with over 100 traceable images, paper, pencils, and an evenly-lit surface so evening travel doesn’t mean boredom!

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad ($25.05) Here

Pillani Kids Travel Tray

Kids travel tray

Keep all your kids’ supplies in one place with this travel tray! It can hold their tablet, water bottle, coloring books, and more, and is foldable and totally portable.

Pillani Kids Travel Tray ($26.99) Here

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat

Traveling with kiddos who are still learning how to navigate the bathroom could be nightmare fuel, but this potty seat is a dream! It’s super easy to clean, ultra-secure (suction-cup secure!), and comes with a travel bag so you’re not just toting around a potty seat (that would be weird).

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat ($14.99) Here

noot products Kids Foldable Tangle-Free Headphones

Adaptable with all 3.5mm audio devices, these padded kid-size headphones come in a range of colors and prevent you from having to hear the same YouTube video over and over and over and…

noot products Kids Foldable Tangle-Free Headphones ($17.99) Here

Kids Hard Side Carry-On Spinner 5-Piece Luggage Set

Take care of everything your little ones need with this 5-piece luggage set! It includes one hard side carry-on spinner, backpack, neck pillow, lunch bag, and luggage tag. 

Kids Hard Side Carry-On Spinner 5-Piece Luggage Set ($180.00 $67.49 with Code FRIEND) Here

Baby Clear Travel Bag, Pack of 3

Pack of 3 travel bags

TSA-approved are magic words when jet-setting, and these are an awesome alternative to single-use plastic bags. Toiletries, crayons, first aid, small toys…all of it is covered!

Baby Clear Travel Bag, Pack of 3 ($13.95) Here

Bassinet To-Go Baby Travel Bed

Travel bassinet

We’re obsessed with this clever travel bed! It folds up into a backpack in one move and is super light, has a waterproof base, and includes removable activity bar, toys, and canopy. 

Bassinet To-Go Baby Travel Bed ($89.99) Here

Osmo Explorer Starter Kit

Osmo starter set

Ready for hours of good-for-them educational entertainment? Osmo nails it! This Starter Kit has everything you need to play 9 Osmo games and includes game pieces, art supplies, and stackable storage. All you need to add is your tablet.

Osmo Explorer Starter Set ($113.50) Here

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