Farm 2 Fork Tours

A unique, relaxing and truly natural experience awaits everyone in Oregon. Farm 2 Fork Tours is pleased to welcome everyone to its unique culinary food tours across dairy farms, fisheries near the coastline, and the array of artisan food producers of Oregon.

Visitors will have the opportunity to go around learning about sustainable farming, local artisans and their lives, and the amazing flavors of fresh produce. Each of our tours is meant to engage the senses to provide you with the most comprehensive and unique travel experience available in the Pacific Northwest.

As part of the coastal exploration tour, visitors will visit the heart of Tillamook County to explore the world of coastal seafood. They will experience behind-the-scenes moments at oyster and crab farms, figure out how to shuck an oyster or the proper way to eat a crab, and witness how fishermen bring seafood to the Pacific Northwest. The true taste of Oregon awaits every visitor at Farm2Fork when they undertake a customized tour of the Tillamook coast or the Willamette valley. They can select which farm to visit, including urban produce farms, tea and hops farms and sample the freshest of cheese, oysters, olive oils and wines.

Farm 2 Fork Tours
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