Nature Connection Summer Camps

Wilderness Awareness School runs day camps at 4 King County locations. Additionally we run overnight camps at our campus in Duvall, and expeditions at remote destinations around Washington. We have camps for anyone between the ages of 6-18.

Many of our camps will introduce campers to knives, knots, fire building and techniques, fishing, and primitive cooking. They can even learn how to build their very own bow!

Camp is a human-powered, technology-free adventure. Cultivating healthy relationships with nature, community, and self, ALL of those are found at camp. Whether it’s through wildcrafting, building a fire, learning how to fish, or carving a bow-drill kit, camp helps build the confidence to step forward to meet the world, and yourself.

​For 40 years, Wilderness Awareness School summer campers have been discovering the wonders of nature, exploring our natural environment, and building lasting friendships. Campers work together gaining nature awareness and experiential knowledge of plants, animals, tracking, birds, and survival. Our Coyote Mentoring methods inspire curiosity and encourage self-sufficiency, while storytelling and engaging activities make learning fun and nurture a connection to the earth.

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Phone: (425) 788-1301