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The 2023 Instituto Cervantes Summer Camps program is designed to provide children and teens of different ages the opportunity to learn Spanish in a rich, stimulating, and motivating environment that fosters enjoyment and curiosity.

The goal is to offer our students and their families a fun and educational Spanish learning experience.

Students learn Spanish in a safe environment where they feel comfortable and free to participate actively. Students are nurtured and encouraged to communicate in Spanish while working in collaborative groups that promote cooperation, group effort, and authentic communication.

All program activities are age-appropriate, adapting language instruction and tasks to the needs and interests of the students. Our teachers are all fully qualified and trained native-Spanish speakers.

We welcome children & teenagers from 4 to 16, who are placed in appropriate classes according to their Spanish proficiency.

Teens will get a boost of confidence with a view to passing the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

Join our Spanish courses, where you will meet new friends, have fun, and enjoy learning Spanish!

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