Summer Camps at Little Kitchen Academy

To families seeking educationally-enriching activities for their children ages 3 – 18, Little Kitchen Academy is the first-of-its-kind-Montessori-inspired cooking academy providing a safe and inspiring environment to learn practical life skills, independence, and healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

Classes run year-round and are organized by age group (ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, and 13-18). Students experience a 3-hour class over five consecutive days during Summer break.

By cooking with seasonal, local ingredients in our Montessori-based sensorial environment, we are able to spark the curiosity, imagination, and tastebuds of our students. Each class, students are empowered to cook on their own, which builds confidence, independence, and healthy eating habits, all while gaining practical life skills and learning about food literacy. Our Summer Camps will inspire your child to try new foods and take on new challenges. Give your child a unique summer experience learning food literacy and practical life skills that will last a lifetime.

Little Kitchen Academy