Summer Fun at Smart Love Preschool!

Let’s set out for Adventures in Fun at Smart Love Preschool Summer Camp!

We will… Dive into the sea! Dig for dinosaur bones! Blast off into outer space! And harvest delicious fruits and vegetables!

Children ages 2-6 will delight in Smart Love Preschool’s weekly themes and our play-based curriculum as we explore the joys of summer. Our adventures take place inside and outside with weekly themes like Discovering Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, Safari Adventures, Fantastic Farmers, Space Exploration, and more! Children also learn about nature in our beautiful garden, greenhouse, and fenced yard. As part of our garden program, they have a seed-to-table experience by planting seeds, watering, and caring for fruits, vegetables, and herbs; waching plants grow; and then harvesting them!

We believe the true purpose of early childhood education is to foster a positive experience in school to nurture children’s optimism and self-confidence inside a classroom. Our environment is achieved by creating a positive relationship between child and teacher that is built on trust, understanding, and compassion. From this place, effective social-emotional development and learning occurs in a natural, child-focused way.

Offering Monthly Virtual Open Houses. Learn more about Smart Love Preschool here!

Smart Love Preschool
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