We’re not guaranteeing no bad hair days, but our roundup of hair accessories is sure to make getting ready much easier.

Maybe you’re looking for a way to add a little personality to school uniforms. Maybe you don’t have time in the morning to whip out the curling iron. Maybe your kiddo is just bored with the usual. No matter what, we’ve got the hair goodies to create adorable kids hairstyles. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the cutest, brightest, and sassiest hair accessories to add to your kids’ collection. And hey, if you feel like adding a few to your own hair accessory drawer, we fully support it.

Flower Headband 3-Pack

The Children's Place

There's no way to go wrong with flowers in the summer, and these thin headbands work with all kinds of hair textures and styles. Flower Headband 3-Pack ($10.47)—Buy Here!

Happy Face Heart Hair Clip 8-Pack

The Children's Place

Y2K vibes are back, so these tiny claw clips will let you create a kids hairstyle that reminds you of high school. Happy Face Heart Hair Clip 8-Pack ($9.07)—Buy Here!

Crochet Flower Hair Clips

The Children's Place

Crochet is trending, and these little flower clips are perfect for brightening up your kids hairstyle this summer. Crochet Flower Hair Clips ($4.99)—Buy Here!

The Little Mermaid Hair Clip Set


This 9-piece hair accessory set includes colorful hair bands with fishtail-like details and faux pearls as well as seashell-like clips for an amazing under the sea look. The Little Mermaid Hair Clip Set ($8.00)—Buy Here!

Squishmallows Snap Hair Clips


How adorable are these little snap clips? Their favorite Squishmallows coordinate with filled sequins, too. Squishmallows Snap Hair Clips ($8.00)—Buy Here!

Cat Ear Hair Clips


These hair clips are purrrrfect (sorry. We couldn't help it.). They come in sets of 4 and your choice of color combinations. Cat Ear Hair Clips ($26.98)—Buy Here!

5in Hair Bows—Set of 18


With 18 pieces, they could almost have a bow for every day of the week, and definitely for every outfit. 5in Hair Bows—Set of 18 ($14.99)—Buy Here!

28 Piece Hair Accessory Set


It goes without saying that when it comes to a kids hairstyle, you absolutely can't go wrong with options, options, options. This set delivers across the board. 28 Piece Hair Accessory Set ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Tie Dye Braided Headbands Set


Four pieces of bright, non-slip, adorable braided headbands that can be worn alone or paired with ponytails, pigtails, and more. Tie Dye Braided Headbands Set ($14.95)—Buy Here!

Kawaii Scrunchies


It's entirely possible we ordered this set for ourselves but the point is—they're adorable. Kawaii Scrunchies ($7.99)—Buy Here!

Zodiac Bobby Pin 4 Pack

Sugar & Jade

These bobby pins come in every sign of the zodiac! We've also found this gold set for balanced signs who may need both. Zodiac Bobby Pin 4 Pack ($3.00)—Buy Here!


Starburst Barrette Set


Add a little celestial magic with this sky-themed hair accessory kit. Available in silver, rose gold, gold, or antique finish. Starburst Barrette (Starting at $8.00)—Buy Here!

Twirly Do Reusable Hair Wrap

Brown hair with multi-colored hair wraps

We adore that these hair wraps are not only easy to use (just twirl into hair and they hold all day), but there's no tangles or mess when you take them out! They come in a range of colors and lengths, so grab a few to mix and match. Twirly Do Reusable Hair Wrap (Starting at $6.95)—Buy Here!

Pom Pom Hair Ties

Set of multi-colored pom pom hair ties

These fuzzy pom pom hair ties aren't only great for hair, but can be used to adorn backpacks, key rings, and more! Pom Pom Hair Ties ($7.99)—Buy Here!

Interchangeable Charm Headband

Rainbow headband with three charms

If one sparkly headband isn't enough, how about three? Customize this pretty piece with one (or all!) of the included charms. Interchangeable Charm Headband ($12.95)—Buy Here!

LED Scrunchies

Eight LED rainbow scrunchies

These may not be an everyday go-to, but for birthdays, summer BBQs, block parties, and more, they're a celebration-worthy accessory that we had to include! LED Scrunchies ($13.95)—Buy Here!

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