11 Halloween Bento Box Ideas for Ghouls & Goblins

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Halloween is the time of year when we can bust out all of our creativity and that goes for school lunches as well. Up your bento box game with these easy-to-pull-off pumpkin oranges, mummy cheese balls, watermelon bats and hot dog fingers. We’ve got all the ideas here, and scroll to the bottom to find all the gear you can order from Amazon to make these Halloween lunches over the top! Don’t forget to drop in a Halloween lunchbox joke while you’re at it.

Halloween Creepy Critters

Hot Dog Fingers


Mummy Sandwich

We love this idea from The Soccer Mom Blog that takes your standard circle-cut sandwich and turns it into a mummy! 

Vampire Teeth

Allergy-Friendly with Ghost Chips

Baby Foodie brings us this fun (and easy) bento box that has allergy-friendly items like ghost chips from Trader Joe's. 

Spider Rings & Chocolate Eyeballs

Watermelon Bats

Skeleton Cookies

Jack-o'-Lantern Pizza

Frankenstein's Monster

All the Eyeballs

Everything You Need to Up Your Bento Box Game

Turn an everyday sandwich into something more with some cookie cutters and sandwich cutters. We especially like: 

Kids love to play with their food and we love these options to encourage that (within reason, right?): 

Or better yet, make it easy for yourself and grab this kit that has everything you'll need

—Kate Loweth



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