Pumpkins, ghosts, vampires and cats: some classic Halloween costumes never go out of style. This season, disguise your trick-or-treater using one of these clever cat costume ideas. From DIY tutus and ears to realistic tails and Daniel Tiger–inspired hoodies, your cuddly kitten will stand out in a sea of princesses and superheroes.

photo: doityourselfdivas.com

When Your Cat Costume NEEDS a Tutu
We don’t care if the tutu has been overplayed, and neither will you when you see your chocolate-smeared child flouncing about in this furry outfit from Meg and Steph at doityourselfdivas.com. We won’t judge if you make yourself a matching one.

Why Hellooooo, Kitty
Grab a long-sleeved white shirt, some denim overalls, a pair of red shoes and a step-by-step guide by Gabriella at lil-miss.com to create a precious Hello Kitty “hat.” Prepare for a smitten kitten!

photo: alphamom.com

Easiest Cat Ears Ever for the Pro-cat-stinator
There’s no need to pull an all-nighter in the name of preserving your PTA prowess—these cat ears from Isabel Kallman over at alphamom.com (which can also be altered to turn into a variety of other animal ears!) and a little face paint (see below) will be your saving grace. Don’t be surprised if your little one curls up in your lap.



photo: instructables.com

How to Make the Most Meow-Worthy Faux Fur Tail
However you design the rest of your feline’s costume, this simple but oh-so-realistic tail from Jessy Ratfink at instructables.com will be the pièce de résistance. Humming purrs and plaintive mews not included.


Pint-Sized Cat in the Hat
Pay homage to Dr. Seuss in the cuddliest of ways. The costume set, created by Jennifer Hughes at Craft n Crazee on Etsy, includes overalls, a hat and a bow tie and is completely crocheted. Get ready to fill up your Instagram feed!


photo: Ryan Mcdonald via Flickr

Purr-fect DIY Kitty Cat Face Paint
Check out this not-too-intimidating example of kitty face paint from Ryan Mcdonald via Flickr, and get your paint palette ready. Use the photo as a template for dabbing on the sweetest, simplest feline nose and eyes.


The Cutest Crazy Cat Lady (or Guy)
Don a bathrobe and cover it in stuffed animals like Michelle at craftymorning.com—then top it off with some rollers or a shower cap and, ta-da! Every cat lover will agree that being smothered in kittens sounds like the most comfortable costume ever.  


photo: Pottery Barn Kids

The Softest White Kitty Costume
This super-soft white kitty costume, available in sizes three months through eight years from Pottery Barn Kids, accommodates tights or leggings to keep your child warm while he’s pawing at those trick-or-treat goodies.


Mine-craft Your Own Stampy Cat Costume
Sure, you STILL have no idea what Minecraft actually is—but you know your kid is obsessed with Stampy Cat. Follow boston.com correspondent Dr. Claire McCarthy and grab some yellow pajamas, a box and a few squares of colored paper and your progeny will be convinced you invented virtual reality video games.


photo: sippycupmom.com

Roar with Delight Over This Daniel Tiger–Inspired Costume
No need to count to four while making this adorable Daniel Tiger–inspired hoodie: you’ll need some sewing skills, but Melissa’s instructions at sippycupmom.com are detailed and the results are worth it. Don’t blame us if your toddler never takes it off.


The Cuddliest Lion Cub
For the pint-sized kitty cat who thinks he’s king of the jungle, forgo the domesticated house cat costume and unleash a last-minute (and no-sew!) lion from Kimberly at anightowlblog.com. Be prepared to feign fright at your tyke’s adorable roar(s).


photo: mimaandmoo.blogspot.com

A Mask with Cat-titude
No patience for face painting? Cut out a reusable cat mask (designed by Louise and Peggy from mimaandmoo.blogspot.com) instead. A little felt and some hot glue will get your kid purring in no time.


“It’s All Good” as Pete the Cat
Have we mentioned how much we love no-sew options that still manage to impress our kids? A Pete the Cat costume from Laura Clark at rediyfine.com fits the bill. Literary inspired? Check. Not your typical black kitty cat? Check. Eschews complicated sewing patterns and makes you happy you hung onto that old pair of shoes? Double check.


photo: 5minutesformom.com

A Black Kitty with All the Trimmings
We love the furry wrist and ankle cuffs on this relatively simple DIY costume from Janice and Susan at 5minutesformom.com. Check out the video tutorial to see how you can transform a black jacket and some jeggings into a costume contest contender.

What cat costume ideas do you have? Any to add to our list? 

— Katie Brown

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