8 Frightfully Easy Halloween Cupcakes

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Witches and ghosts and things that go bump in the night? If you have a taste for all things Halloween, you’ll eat up these cupcake ideas. Red Tricycle’s Bay Area Editor, Erin Feher, put together some creative (and deceptively easy!) designs that are inspired by the spooky season. Flip through the photo gallery to check out her treats, which you can easily replicate yourself with just a few ingredients.

Ghoulish Graveyard

<strong>What you'll need:</strong> crumbled chocolate wafers, pumpkin shaped candy corn, vanilla wafers and chocolate frosting. <strong>What to do:</strong> After covering her chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, Erin crushed chocolate wafers and sprinkled them over the frosting as "dirt." She set a pumpkin shaped candy corn on top and wrote "RIP" on the vanilla wafer before planting it in the "graveyard."fuck

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— copy by Erin Lem; photos by Christal Yuen; cupcakes decorated by Erin Feher and Christal Yuen