Want to Trick-or-Treat Safely? This Invention Is the Key

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The CDC has issued some strict guidelines for Halloween celebrations this year, and if you’re not sure that trick-or-treating is ok, you’ll want to keep reading. The Brooklyn Robot Foundry has come up with a safe alternative that keeps the candy flowing: the Quarantreater.

The organization that offers online robot making classes for kids has developed a simple invention that keeps kids at a safe distance as they carry about their trick-or-treating business. Thankfully, they’ve also included a graphic to show how you can make your own!

photo: Brooklyn Robot Foundry
The inexpensive project also allows for tons of creativity, like decorating with glow-in-the-dark paint and adding a scary face or eyes. It’s a great activity for kids and parents to do together, and definitely makes for a great memory during theses crazy!

––Karly Wood 


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