A holiday art project featuring your baby’s handprint or footprint is a fun, festive way to capture the moment

When there’s a new baby in the home, it’s practically a requirement that their tiny toes and fingers make their way into some sort of cute keepsake. Even if Christmas footprint art isn’t your thing (right now anyway), we’re betting the grandparents will think it’s the absolute best. We’ve rounded up our favorite ideas, and, one day, when the kids are grown, you’ll look back and marvel at how far they’ve come.

Cardboard Christmas Footprint Ornaments

So, these might not be the fanciest Christmas footprint art projects we’ve seen, but they are adorable, and you can make them with supplies you probably already have at home.

Mistle-toes Ornament

How adorable is this ornament? This Christmas footprint art project will win over even the most skeptical of parents. Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial from Midget Momma.

Thumbprint Heart Ornaments

Instead of little toes, use little fingerprints to create this adorable oven-baked clay snowflake with a heart in the middle. We also love the use of vibrant colors that don’t scream ‘holiday season.’ Get the tutorial from Made to Be a Momma.

Footprint Ornament Tile

A cute Christmas footprint art project
Make the Best of Everything

Capture those little piggies just as they are this holiday season with this Christmas footprint art project. We love the sweet saying that goes on the back of this tile ornament; find it and a full tutorial at Make the Best of Everything.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas footprint art is a fun gift for grandparents
Viva Veltora

Create Santa and Rudolph using some salt dough, paint, and your child's hand and foot. Sturdier than paper and festive enough to display every year, these adorable ornaments are a great project to help you and your child get into the holiday spirit. Visit Viva Veltora for a simple tutorial.

Wooden Handprint Ornaments

Rustic Trims

To create these wooden ornaments, you'll need a little help from Etsy. You trace your child's hand, stamp it, or take a photocopy of it. Then you send that plus your child's hand measurements to the Etsy shop MadeWithMamaCo, and they'll craft a wooden ornament of your child's hand. They also burn your child's name and age into the wood and finish the ornament with a twine ribbon for hanging on your tree.

Christmas Penguin Plate

This penguin plate is a cute Christmas footprint art idea
Fun Handprint Art

Shake it up with a penguin plate instead of a footprint ornament. It's just as cute and can be displayed along with other Christmas decorations. The secret is all in the type of paint you buy. Get the details from Fun Handprint Art. 

Angel Handprint

Christmas footprint art angel
That Artist Woman

Your child is always a little angel, of course, and this DIY craft from That Artist Woman helps you prove it. It's easy to do and will be cherished forever. While your child's hands and feet are covered in paint, make multiples of this design to give to grandparents and other loved ones.

Mistletoes Printable Art


Here's an easy way to keep it simple. Purchase a digital download of this template from the Etsy shop HappyHeartPrintables, and then break out the paint and your baby's little feet. Add your child's name and the year, then pop into an inexpensive frame for personalized decor or a fun present for grandparents!

Handprint & Footprint Kit

This clever kit from Bubzi Co makes it easy to preserve your child's tiny little toes and fingers forever. The kit comes with clay you insert into the frame and then gently press your child's hand and foot into. Pop two photos in the photo spots and your keepsake is done. You can buy the kit on Amazon ($18). Pro tip: If you suspect your child will be too squirmy or squeamish for the clay, wait until they're asleep to take their prints.


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