The iconic clothing brand is taking its next step in sustainable retail

You love Hanna Andersson for its adorable prints, classic pajamas, and how well the items hold up to the constant wear and tear that comes with being a kid. Long known for its sustainable fabrics and durability, the clothing brand is taking the next step in responsible retail with a new Hanna Andersson resale shop, ‘Hanna-Me-Downs,’ making it even easier for parents to buy and sell the made-to-last apparel.

Hanna Andersson resale shop Hanna-Me-Down
Hanna Andersson

“Kids are tough on their clothes, from crawling as babies to exploration and play as kids, and it’s typical for childrenswear to be discarded early in its lifecycle contributing to excess waste and landfill,” said Aimée Lapic, CEO at Hanna Andersson. The company is trying to do its part to extend it by tapping into the popular consignment movement that has boomed in recent years.

With “Hanna-Me-Downs,” sellers gain access to brand descriptions, images, fabric details, and size charts, allowing listing clothing as seamlessly and transparently as possible. And (perk alert!!) sellers can make more through Hanna-Me-Downs, as the company will offer 25% more value on each resale item via a gift card option, which can be used on the Hanna Andersson website or gifted to a friend. A cash transaction option is also available if you don’t go for a gift card.

How does the Hanna Andersson resale shop work?

Upload your images, select the condition of the items, choose your prices (Hanna Andersson will offer price recommendations based on the condition of your items), and then ship the item to the buyer using a pre-paid USPS label. The shop is open and ready for business, and items range from infant clothing to swimsuits and pajamas—many are listed at a nearly 50% discount.

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