Accio, Babies! This Gender Reveal Party Was Fit for a Wizard (or Two)

HP Gender Reveal
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The beginning of 2020 was “siriusly” magical for Colorado blogger, Holly Osborn. When tasked with planning a gender reveal party for her boyfriend’s sister, Courtney and her husband Andy, Osborn decided to throw a Harry Potter party for the two little muggles – yes, it’s twins! 

HP Gender Reveal

On her blog, The Duchess of Denver, Osborn writes, “When they asked me do their gender reveal I immediately knew what I would do. They are huge Harry Potter fans (one of the million reasons we get along so well). I have always pinned HP themed gender reveal pins to my secret ‘future babies’ Pinterest board. Now was my chance to put them to use!”

Attendees were encouraged to wear their favorite Harry Potter garb and bring their wands in order to participate in the reveals.

HP Gender Reveal

Each baby had their own separate reveal. When asked, “Witch or Wizard?”, the Sorting Hat revealed a new wizard would be coming. For the second reveal, a potion mixed in the cauldron created a puff of blue smoke. 

HP Gender Reveal

In lieu of gifts, Osborn opted to have a “Free Dobby” sock donation and a Tri-Wizard Diaper Raffle Cup.

HP Gender Reveal

Looks like, there will be two new wizards waiting for their letters from Hogwarts 11 years from now.

HP Gender Reveal

Mischief Managed!

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Holly Osborn


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