Brush up on your magical creature and potion names, because a new Harry Potter Scrabble game has arrived—and we predict a magical family game night in your future.

USAopoly will release Scrabble: World of Harry Potter and soon, you won’t be able to spell family fun without Hogwarts. In addition to all of the official Scrabble Dictionary entries, this new version of the classic game gives players a chance to create words from the world of Harry Potter to earn magical word bonuses.

photo: Courtesy of USAopoly

Everything from places like Hogwarts and Dragon Alley, to spells like expelliarmus and wingardium leviosa, are all playable words. And yes—even proper character names like Hermione and Hagrid are fair game, too! (Just make sure you say “Hermione” right when you go for that triple word score.)

The new game will hit store shelves at retailers including Barnes and Noble in spring 2019.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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