Keeping your baby healthy and safe involves more than babyproofing. And new technology is here to help. Check out these recently released products that make your life with baby easier, healthier and safer. From thermometers and baby monitors to sanitizers and air monitors, they’re guaranteed to bring you peace of mind.

Sleek Socket Outlet Covers

Hide unsafe outlets with this clever cover! This ultra-thin cover connects to an extension cord with a power strip or surge protector. Keep those cords away from your baby and create a sleeker-looking living space at the same time.

Available at, $24-$34.

Coral UV 2 UV LED Sanitizer & Dryer

Make sure the items your kids put in their mouth are clean with this compact UV-C sanitizer. It's sleek and small enough to live on your kitchen counter for easy cleaning of toys, bottles and pacifierseven stuffies and electronic gadgets. This ultraviolet sanitizer and dryer uses ultraviolet C lights to kill germs and bacteria in minutes, without the use of water or heat. Use the sanitizer or dryer on their own or use both combined. When you're not using the sanitizer for baby gear, pop in your cell phone, makeup brushes, shaver or toothbrushes for a cleaning.

Available at, $149.

NozeBot Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator


Designed by a pediatric ear, nose and throat specialist, the NozeBot takes cleaning boogies to a whole new level. This nasal aspirator uses hospital-grade suction to safely and hygienically clean your child's nose when they're sick. You place two fingers in the ingeniously designed nosepiece, leaving three fingers to help stabilize your child's head. It's portable and rechargeable, and the nosepiece and tubing are dishwasher-safe.

Available at, $119.99.

Talli Baby One-Touch Tracker


The easiest way to log feedings, diapers, sleep, nursing, pumping and more! Push a button to sync with the app and add any notes in the app at your convenience, so you can track baby's routine and be better prepared for meetings with the pediatrician, lactation consultant or sleep consultant. There's even a miscellaneous button you can use for medication, baths, tummy time or other baby-related tasks you want to keep track of. Attach this user-friendly device to the wall in baby's nursery or bring it with you around the house to help you remember to use it. When you no longer need it, send it back through the company's buyback program.

Available at, $99 for a new tracker; $69 for a reconditioned tracker; $169 for a two-pack.

Ally Lockable Storage Containers


Little kids are lightning fast and have a knack for playing with exactly what you don't want them to. Avoid an unfortunate or dangerous situation with the Ally lockable storage container. In it, you can hide away your meds, supplements, passport, valuables, fancy chocolates and anything else you want to keep away from curious kids. The small size (9.25” x 6” x 3.5”) means you can easily tuck it away on a shelf or in a drawer, even the fridge or freezer, but it's sleek enough you won't mind keeping it on display. You choose your three-digit code and can reset it as needed if mombrain makes you forget. Comes in berry, navy and cream and makes an amazing baby shower gift.

Available at, $85.

Watch Your Mouth USB Safety Cover from Geddy's Mom

Playing with the free end of a plugged-in USB charger can be dangerous for kids, causing electrocution burns in more than 200 kids under age 5 each year. As a doctor of dental surgery, Dr. Sarah Shell had seen the traumatic injuries. And she and her neurologist husband had seen their own son put the loose end of a plugged-in charger in his mouth. So they worked with a team of other doctors, designers and engineers to create a product to keep kids safe. Just snap this safety cover over the free metal connector end of any standard USB cord and you keep curious fingers away from it. The plastic cover has a child-resistant lock and no small parts.

Available at, $12.95 for a 3-pack.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser

This is a game-changer for formula feedings: Thanks to the Baby Brezza app (iOS and Android), you can mix water and formula to the perfect consistency from your phone! Meaning, you can prep a bottle for your child from bed, from work, from the car, or wherever else you happen to be. Get alerts on your phone that tell you when the bottle is ready, when you're low on formula or water, or when there's no bottle in the machine. Choose from three temperature settings, and whether you want it to dispense 2-10 ounces of liquid. It works with all bottles and virtually all formula. brands.

Available at, $299.99.

Baby's Brew Bottle Warmer

Give your baby a warm bottle of formula or breastmilk wherever you are, thanks to this portable, battery-operated bottle warmer. Great for road trips, park visits, camping and all of your daily excursions, the Baby's Brew warms your child's bottle in just 5-10 minutes and keeps it warm for 8-12 hours. Liquids can be warmed to four different temperatures, and it's compatible with many bottle types, either with or without an inexpensive adapter (check the website to find out if you'll need one). The warmer is sold on its own ($75) or in a set with a formula dispenser (pictured; $85).

Available at

VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer

No more waking a sleeping baby to take a temperature reading or getting up every hour to feel their forehead. Apply the small silicone patch (FDA approved and made with medical-grade adhesive) to your baby's armpit and this wireless thermometer will beep and blink red LED lights if their temperature rises above 100°F. Thanks to a 24-hour battery life, temps will be monitored all night long. The device also notifies you about low battery, disconnection and if the device falls off your baby. The large, backlit temperature reading is easy to see in the dark, or you can move the device to whatever room you're in to track the readings.

Available at, $79.99.

TruSens Air Purifiers

Here's what makes this air purifier a game-changer: It uses a separate sensor you can place across the room that measures air quality so the purifier can adapt to clean the air more effectively. The filtration system captures pollutants, allergens, VOC gases, airborne viruses and microscopic particles from every direction and then uses UV-C light to destroy germs and viruses trapped in the filter. Once the air is cleaned, the purifier pushes it out in two directions, so the filtered air flows throughout the room. TruSens also sells filters for specific concerns: pets, odor and allergy & flu. The unit comes in three sizes, for small, medium and large rooms.

Available at, $149-$399.

Carseat CoPilot Automatic Alert System

Reduce the risk of forgetting your baby in the car with this alert system from American Home Safety Products. Clip this sensor to the straps of your car seat and attach the alarm to the keychain with your car keys on them. If you step more than 10 feet away from your car, an alarm will sound to let you know your baby is still strapped in to the carseat. This alert system comes with one sensor and two alarm key fobs.

Available at, $39.95.

Nanit Complete Baby Monitoring System

This combination video and breathing wear monitor has everything you need for baby’s optimal sleep. The overhead camera allows you to see all that is going on in and around the sleep space and includes two-way audio. The camera also reads the fabric patterns on the included electronic-free breathing wear and sends real-time alerts right to your smartphone. There is a wall mount and a floor stand that keep cords safely out of reach and allow for easy portability when you're on the go. The app can show you all you need to know about baby’s sleep patterns and offers tips for making sure everyone has a good night. The Nanit Plus camera works with Amazon Echo and Echo Spot, and the complete baby monitoring system is eligible for purchase with FSA/HSA healthcare benefits. Add Nanit Pajamas ($29.99) to monitor baby's breathing motion in real time without wires or sensors. The pajamas work exclusively with Nanit cameras.

Available at, $379.

Smart Beat Baby Breathing Monitor

What sets this breathing monitor apart is the fact that there is nothing for baby to wear. To monitor baby's every breath, the camera checks for movements 20 times per second, detecting motions too small to be seen by the human eye. The HD video streams to your smartphone or tablet and sends notifications for sleep apnea, if breathing falls outside the normal range, and for when baby falls asleep and wakes. There is no need for special sleepwear and the monitor is designed to work when baby is swaddled or in a sleep sack and when baby is in different sleeping positions. Other features include two-way audio, night vision and remote viewing.

Available at, $249.50.

Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Monitor

Airthings Wave Plus Indoor Air Monitor

Rest assured that the air baby is breathing is safe and healthy with the Airthings Wave Plus indoor air quality monitor. Its sensors check the air for serious air pollutants, like radon, carbon dioxide, and total volatile organic compounds. It also monitors temperature, air pressure and humidity, so you can keep conditions optimal for baby. The app dashboard on your smartphone provides alerts and advanced analytics of air quality and offers tips for improving it. The battery is designed to last for up to two years.

Available at, $229.99.

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