Work smarter, not harder. It’s unlikely the cleaning chores are going anywhere (unless you have a housecleaning service; can you send them our way?), but that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate hours to them. Our favorite helpful housecleaning products make dirt-destroying days so much easier! With these brilliant housecleaning helpers, you’ll be able to cut down on tidying up time and focus on more important things.

box of The Pink Stuff and scrubber brush

The Pink Stuff Scrubber Kit


It went viral for a reason! TikTok famous product, The Pink Stuff, is loved by parents everywhere (seriously, check out the reviews!) for its ability to clean ovens, skillets, even crayon marks on the walls! We love this value kit that includes two tubs of the pink paste and an electric scrubber tool with four brush heads.

electric scrubbing brush and additional brush head
Home Depot

Power Scrubber


We think elbow grease is really overrated, so we reach for this little scrubbing savior from Ryobi at Home Depot. It cuts through dirt on glass, porcelain, and other surfaces with the squeeze of a button! This is definitely one of our favorite helpful housecleaning products out there.

white light sanitizing device

UV-C Light Sanitizing Station


This handy sanitizing station from Brookstone uses UV-C light to sanitize cell phones, keys, sunglasses, makeup brushes, and more! As a bonus, you can wirelessly charge your phone right on the lid while you wait.

water bottle cleaning brush
Bed Bath & Beyond

Water Bottle Cleaning 3-Piece Set


If you tend to forget to clean all the water bottles your family uses, consider this your sign. Even stainless steel and glass bottles get yucky, and this convenient brush set makes washing the rounded shapes of the inside surfaces! It even includes a brush specifically designed to get into the grooves of caps and straws.


Scrub Daddy


You've probably seen these smiley scrubbers around your local stores, and we're here to tell you that we're never going back to regular old dish sponges. The Scrub Daddy stays rigid in cold water and softens up in warm water, and the smiley's mouth and eyes help you clean grooves and silverware easily! Pop your Scrub Daddy in the top rack of your dishwasher and it comes out clean and ready to get back to work.

hand held garment steamer

Hand-Held Garment Steamer


Technically, this hand-held steamer isn't a housecleaning tool, but we're so over ironing we had to include it. Steam the wrinkles out of all your clothes in a snap so you can walk out of the house feeling polished and put-together (even if you're not)!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner

$270 BUY NOW

Push forward to clean, pull back to dry, and you can wave goodbye to carpet dirt! It's a challenge to find an affordable and effective home carpet cleaner, and the Hoover SmartWash has almost 2500 reviews giving it 5 stars. Carpet and upholstery won't know what hit them.

broom and dustpan

Broom and Dustpan Combo


You might be asking yourself why we'd bother to add a broom and dustpan set, but if you ask the 27,500 people who have reviewed it and rated it almost 5 stars, the one is a gift from the sweeping powers-that-be! It even has rubber teeth that help you clean off the bristles because, well, ew.

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