This Wacky Bar Takes Chocolate to the Next Level

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Just when you thought there couldn’t be a better chocolatey combination. The Whozeewhatzit bar, the Whatchamacallit brand’s first new bar in a decade, takes wacky, crazy, crunchy and chewy to a new level. The brand new bar, which has an added peanut butter crème layer and delicious rice crisps, all covered in chocolate. 


Last year, the Whatchamacallit brand asked fans to submit their most creative naming ideas for the new bar. The winner was to receive $500 and a year’s supply of chocolatey goodness. After 43,000+ entries, the Whatchamacallit brand declared the name Whozeewhatzit, submitted by Lisa M. from Framingham, Mass., the winner.

“The new Whozeewhatzit bar has all the wacky, crazy, chew-tastic perks that Whatchamacallit fans love, plus a few more,” said Jenna Hamm, Whatchamacallit Brand Manager. “There were lots of great submissions but none that captured the bar’s irresistible characteristics while still paying homage to the beloved Whatchamacallit brand quite like the name Whozeewhatzit.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new Whozeewhatzit bar you don’t have long to wait. You will be able to find them in a 1.5 oz. standard size ($1.11) and a 3 oz. king size ($1.66) at retailers nationwide beginning February 2021. 

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo courtesy of Hershey’s


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