You share a mailman, a fence and probably a cup of sugar in a pinch, but how much do you know about your next-door neighbors? Whether your neighbor is new to the hood or has been there for decades, there is plenty your little one can learn by interviewing them on their likes, dislikes and knowledge of the neighborhood. Scroll down for 10 questions they can ask to get the conversation started.

Photo: Nina Strehl via Unsplash 

1. When did you move into the neighborhood?

2. How was it different than it is today?

3. Tell me about your previous next-door neighbor.

4. Where else have you lived?

5. What sounds do you hear from your house on a daily basis?

6. What do you like to look at out of your window?

7. What is your favorite neighborhood walk?

8. What sights, sounds or smells do you notice coming from our house?

9. Tell me about one of our other neighbors that you know.

10. Are you interested in babysitting? (Make sure to tell mom and dad the answer to that one).

—Erin Feher

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