Hilary Duff Warns Parents Not to Be ‘Fooled’ by Newborn Behavior

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Hilary Duff and Kelly Clarkson chat about the blissful newborn phase

As a mom of three, not much gets by Hilary Duff anymore. Recently, the actress sat down with fellow mom and talk show host Kelly Clarkson to chat about her words of wisdom for new moms.

While Duff admits that she doesn’t want to come off as a know-it-all mom, she does love talking about kids. Many of her friends have had babies this year and she would never want to take their unique experience away from them by dropping parenting bombs at them right out of the gate. “The biggest advice I would always give would just be like, don’t get fooled by the first two weeks, ’cause you have like an angel baby, and they’re just, they haven’t woken up yet.”

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As any new parent can attest, those first few weeks can be daunting and we’ve all lied to ourselves thinking that we were gifted the most perfectly behaved baby of all time. And then that baby opens their eyes for real and the poop hits the fan (quite literally for many of us).

“You have those friends who are like, ‘This baby is sleeping through the night,’” says Duff. “Just wait two weeks. They don’t know they’ve entered the world yet.” Clarkson concurs, sharing her own experience that involves mimicking devil horns––and same, mama.

Duff is mom to Luca, 10, who she shares with ex Mike Comrie, and also Banks, 3 and Mae, 16 months, with husband Matthew Koma. With 10 years of experience under her belt, Duff is the mom-friend we all wish we had in life. She’s one who listens to all the post-baby bliss with a small on her face, while secretly saying a prayer for you and all that you don’t see coming.

Clarkson also offers the ultimate tidbit to wrap up the segment: “Enjoy it.” Soon it’s gonna be “I hate this.”


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