From Christmas tree safety to keeping tabs on your kids in the mall, these savvy products are designed with for your peace-of-mind this holiday season. Scroll down for five products that are solving common holiday safety concerns in innovative ways.

The Twist and Seal Holiday Light Combo Safety Pack

Twist and Seal

This clever invention is designed to protect your holiday light cords from rain and snow. The pack contains five Twist and Seal Minis, specifically made to fit Christmas and holiday light power cord connections; as well as one Twist and Seal Cord Protect, which provides heavy duty extension cord protection for home and garden use (i.e that cord your running from the house or garage to hook up those blow-up snowmen). Connections stay dry all season and it helps prevent shock and tripped outlets. 

Get it at for $29.95

The Neighbors App by Ring


Using your address, Ring's Neighbors App creates a radius around your home for you to get safety updates on your phone or tablet (you can customize this radius to be more narrow or expand it). You can also comment on the updates to share additional info. Add safety info yourself and your neighborhood will receive instant notification. Community members can share photos and videos as well. The Neighbors App also partners with local law enforcement to get the most recent updates. It’s a modern-day, real-time neighborhood watch program, right in your pocket. You can be on the lookout for package thefts, break-ins and more even when you aren’t home. 

Learn more at, free! 

Safer Christmas Tree Alarm

Safer Alarms

This little ornament from Safer Alarms works as a sensor right at the source; it hangs on the tree and immediately detects fire danger. It also recognized temperatures hitting the “danger zone” and transmits a signal wirelessly to the alarm unit (included).unit. It literally installs in seconds, includes free Amazon tech support, and has multi-year battery life (takes AA batteries, not included). 

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Buy on Amazon, $69.99

Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth Padlock

Master Lock

Safeguard packages against theft by using the Master Lock Outdoor Bluetooth® Padlock on a box or container on your porch. The lock allows you to set temporary directional codes via a smartphone app based on date/time of delivery.. Simply include temporary codes in delivery instructions during online checkout, and then reset the code once delivery is complete. You can also monitor when the lock is being locked or unlocked. 

Buy it online at, $163

Momentum’s Robbi 1080P Smart Camera


At just under $40 at Walmart right now, (regular retail price is $99.99) this camera is a great investment for anyone traveling during the holidays. It has motion detection and mobile alerts to let you know exactly what’s happening in your home. It has 130-degree viewing and a 360° hinge, built-in infrared LED for clear day and night vision, motion and sound detection, customizable mobile alerts, two-way audio, a remote alarm, 24-hour video playback and more. They also make the Momentum Knok Video Doorbell, which at $130 and offers a way for you to keep an eye on your front door with a live video feed. 

Learn more at

Shop at, $38.99



BoxLock is an internet-connected padlock that only opens when a delivery driver scans your shipping label—and only active shipping labels at that. It's compatible with all shipping carriers in the US, so no matter who you're expecting a delivery from, your package is safe. Just add the lock to a storage box, small shed or any container where you can close with a padlock. They even have boxes for you to choose from

Learn more at 

Buy it on amazon, $129.99



Whether it’s walking home afterschool or shopping in a busy mall, this smartphone alternative for kids allows you to know where your kids are at all times. It’s basically a first-phone for kids that allows kids to send and receive messages, features GPS tracking with Geofencing (you can get an alert when your kids arrive home, school, etc.) and a Missed Message feature to make sure you never miss a message from your kiddos. Kids can’t get on the internte or get distracted by a screen, but there are fun features for them like a joke of the day and language translator. Kids cannot dial 911 but they can send SOS Emergency Alerts to pre-approved contacts. It has both a clip feature and an arm band. 

Learn more at, $42

—Amber Guetebier


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