11 Christmas Minute to Win It Games the Kids Will Love

Fill Santa's Beard is a Christmas minute to win it game pe_teacherspet via Instagram

These exciting Christmas minute to win it games are the perfect way to beat any boredom this holiday season

If you’re in need of some exciting holiday activities for the kids, look no further. We’ve got games that are quick, with little mess that will leave everyone laughing (and cheeks hurting)! If you’re looking for more minute-to-win-it games that aren’t drenched in the holiday theme, check out these other minute-to-win-it games.

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What’s a minute to win it game?

Simply put, it’s a 60-second game using items typically found around the house. Participants attempt to see who can finish a challenge first or who can complete a task the most times in under a minute.


1. Christmas Tree Cup Stack
This is a classic minute-to-win-it game, but the added challenge of decorating with ornaments. Give the players one minute to stack their set of cups and place their ornaments. Whoever stacks fastest wins. We recommend you use plastic ornaments for safety and speed. 

2. Candy Cane Connect
Set an empty bowl off to the side and put lots of candy canes on a surface in front of each player. Have each player put a candy cane in their mouth (curl sticking out and plastic still on) and transfer the candy canes into the empty bowl. See how many candy canes each team can move in 30 seconds. The player with the most candy canes connected to each other, wins!

3. Ornament Roll
Set a starting point and finish line with tape (or a different material) and choose a plastic ornament for each contestant. Have each person use a straw to blow their ornament towards the finish line and whoever crosses it first, wins! If it proves too difficult, try setting a timer for a minute and whoever's ornament is closest to the finish line at the end, wins. 

4. Antler Ring Toss
If you have a set of reindeer antlers lying around, this game will be a blast! Team up in pairs and put the antlers on one team member's head. The other person will toss inflatable rings (or something similar) onto the antlers. Whoever gets the most rings onto the antlers within a minute, their team wins.


5. Fill Santa's Beard
Prep a plate of cotton balls or marshmallows and print out a picture of Santa (Make sure he has a big beard!). With a plastic spoon handle in each players mouth, they'll have one minute to fill Santa's beard with as many cotton balls or marshmallows as possible.

6. Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Toss
Have players stand back from the table with hot chocolate mugs on it. Give players a designated number of mini marshmallows and see how many the team can throw into the mug in one minute.

7. Marshmallow Stacking
Have players stack as many marshmallows as they can in 30 seconds. You can play this game with regular marshmallows or mini. 

8. Snowfall
Each player will need a tissue box, pantyhose and ten white ping pong balls. Put the ping pong balls in each tissue box. Then, tie the boxes around each player. Kids have one minute to shake out (no hands) as many balls as they can. To make this game more festive, try using plastic ornaments.

Christmas minute to win it games
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9. Gingerbread Cookie Face
Place a gingerbread cookie (or your favorite holiday cookie) on the child’s forehead. They’ll need to use their facial muscles to move it down their face and into their mouth—without using their hands. What a yummy challenge!

10. Snow Scoop
Set two bowls side by side. Fill one bowl with cotton balls and leave the other empty. Each team member will put the end of the handle in their mouth and try and get as many cotton balls from the full bowl to the empty bowl in under a minute. Whoever gets the most from one bowl to the other, wins. This game can also be done with marshmallows.

11. Holiday M&Ms
Fill a plate with M&Ms and set an empty plate next to it. The goal of this game is to use a straw to separate out the holiday colors. Traditionally they are green and red, but use any holiday colors you'd like. Use the straw to transfer as many holiday M&Ms as you can in under a minute. The person who sorts the most onto the empty plate, wins.




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