BabyQuip is changing the holiday-traveling-with-kids game and your load just got so much lighter

We’re staring right at the 2022 holiday season and you know what that means! Yes, okay, we love the Peppermint Mocha, too, and we’re definitely anxiously waiting for its reappearance. But no. We’re talking about holiday travel. Traveling. For the holidays. With kids. All of those things happening at one time. It’s coming.

Now, before you have a holiday panic attack (deep breaths), we wouldn’t be writing this just to remind you of things that are stressful. No, we’re here to make traveling with your little ones this holiday season easier than you can possibly imagine. We’ve cracked the code, if you will, and we’re going to let you in on our secret to easing the travel with kiddos burden: BabyQuip.

What is BabyQuip?

mother and baby in bouncer playing on floor

We've been there: schlepping strollers, carseats, and general bulky baby gear through airports, or trying to cram a bouncy seat and the pack n' play into the car trunk (on top of our own luggage). We. Just. Can't. Do. It. Anymore.

Enter BabyQuip

Founded in 2016 by parents just like us who were sick of the schlepping, BabyQuip is the #1 baby gear rental service with one goal: to provide families with a huge (huge!) assortment of clean, safe and insured baby equipment that we don't have to pack ourselves. We're talking full-sized cribs, high chairs, car seats, and strollers. We're talking toys, video monitors, noise machines, and baby baths. We're talking not bringing any of that from home anymore.

Great! does BabyQuip work?

two women standing by full luggage rack

We thought for sure that having dependable baby equipment available at our travel destination would have to be complicated, right? 


Over 1,300 Quality Providers rent, deliver, and set up baby gear at hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals, and private residences. They'll even meet you at the airport! When you're ready to head back home, they'll come back to pick it all up at your convenience. (Why can't everything be this easy?!)

You'll find Quality Providers in over 1,000 locations across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and beyond. 

What about cleaning and safety?

two women with baby gear and cleaning supplies

All of BabyQuip's rental gear is inspected and deep cleaned by their Quality Providers after every pickup, then inspected and cleaned again before every delivery. QP's are encouraged to use parent-approved, organic and/or non-toxic cleaners, and you're able to reach out to your QP about specific products or cleaning processes.

Speaking of BabyQuip's Quality Providers, these are teams of moms, dads, grandparents, and best friends who are required to undergo extensive training on safety standards and cleaning procedures. QP's are also required to pass thorough background checks and BabyQuip provides QP profiles for you to check out! Learn a little about your QP and exactly where they deliver, along with the number of successful deliveries, reviews, and items for rent. 

Learn more about BabyQuip's Trust and Safety Standards and Practices here.

What's everyone saying about BabyQuip?

Mother and baby talking to two women in a hotel lobby

BabyQuip has completed over 100,000 reservations and has earned a 99% 5-star rating from over 30,000 reviewers. Not only that, but BabyQuip customers have awarded them with a world-class Net Score of 94!

99% of customers said they felt the equipment they rented was safe. 97% felt that it was clean. 66% said BabyQuip was a vacation life-saver.

Plus, BabyQuip was featured on Shark Tank in March 2020. Although they didn't walk away with a deal that day, the program airing launched raising over $850K! They've since expanded into 1000+ markets with over 1,300 Quality Providers.

But don't just take our word for it all. Check out more from BabyQuip customers here!

We’re beyond excited about skipping the part of holiday travel where we drag clunky baby gear around with us, and can focus on actually enjoying spending time with our favorite people this season. BabyQuip is definitely the holiday gift that just keeps on giving.

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All images courtesy of BabyQuip.


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