When kids get home from school and need to warm up, this slow cooker apple cider is a treat

If this apple cider recipe doesn’t get your whole family in a fall mood, we don’t know what will. Pop some apples and spices in the slow cooker in the morning, and the whole house will smell like heaven when you get home from work. What’s not to love? Check out Baker Bettie‘s blog for this crock pot apple cider recipe, with other great meal ideas.


Ingredients for Crock Pot Apple Cider

6-quart slow cooker (reduce the amounts for a smaller cooker)
12 medium size sweet apples
2 oranges
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tbsp whole cloves
1 tbsp whole allspice
2-inch knob of fresh ginger (optional)
Up to 1 cup of brown sugar (optional)


  1. Chop apples and oranges into large chunks.
  2. Put apples, oranges, cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, and sugar (if using) in the slow cooker.
  3. Fill the slow cooker with enough water to cover all of the apples. It should nearly fill it to the brim of the pot.
  4. Turn it on high, and put the lid on.
  5. Allow to brew for 8 to 12 hours (12 hours is best, and even longer would be fine too!).
  6. You can serve directly from the slow cooker, skimming the cider off the top and leaving the fruit in the pot. You can also strain the cider, discard the fruit, and put the cider back in the crockpot. There will be some pulp left in the cider. If you prefer a very clear cider, strain it into a cheesecloth. Store leftover cider in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Makes a little over a half gallon.

Recipe republished with permission from Baker Bettie‘s

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