Make Your Own Teething Biscuits & Baby Rusks


You’ll find more than just relief for baby’s sore gums with these homemade teething biscuits for babies

Once your child hits the one-year mark, soothe their sore gums with baby teething biscuits and snacks that also give them a nutritious boost. This magical remedy is known by many names—teething biscuits, teething crackers, or baby rusks—and they’re easy to make yourself with these quick recipes, including no-bake versions, wheat-free biscuits, and sugar-free teething biscuits too. So the next time you see baby gnawing, you’ll be prepared with a homemade option.

1. Healthy Homemade Teething Biscuits

Oats, banana and coconut oil are all you’ll need for these teething crackers. Add vanilla and spices like cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg for extra flavor, or keep them plain. Super Healthy Kids has the recipe.

2. Quinoa Teething Crackers

Protein-rich quinoa is the only ingredient in this crispy cracker. Cradle Rocking Mama blends the nutritious grain in three forms (cooked flakes, uncooked flakes and quinoa flour) to get a consistency kids like.

3. Sweet Potato and Chamomile Teething Biscuits

These flavorful biscuits from My Kids Lick the Bowl cleverly include chamomile from a tea bag to relax a child who’s suffering from teething pain, along with sweet potato and oat flour.

4. Apple, Banana, or Pumpkin Teething Biscuits

Mama Natural shares three recipes, highlighting apple, banana and pumpkin. All three are gluten-free, thanks to a combination of rolled oats and steel-cut oats as the base. They also include maple syrup and baking spices for sweetness and baby-friendly flavor.

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a baby with a big smile sits in a crib waiting for a baby teething biscuit

5. Oat & Banana Drops

Momtastic offers up this classic vegan recipe full of oats and mashed bananas. Choose overripe bananas for sweetness and add a few spices like cinnamon and cardamom. In 15 minutes, you’ll have a tasty teething biscuit.

6. Fruit & Vegetable Teethers

Teething biscuits don’t get any healthier than these fruit and veggie snacks from Weelicious. Thinly slice fruits and veggies like sweet potato and kiwi, and then put them in a dehydrator. If you don’t have a dehydrator, this banana leather version requires only an ovenand is a hit with older kids too.

7. Pear-rific Oat-tastic Teething Biscuits

The name of Everyday Champagne‘s recipe says it all. Pears plus oats=awesome teething treats. Mix together oat flour, baby cereal, pear puree and allspice to make a sweet biscuit that’s free of added sugar or salt.

8. Grain-Free Teething Biscuits

Created by a nurse, these grain-free teethers from Real Food RN are packed with nutrients. The ingredient list is longer than some: coconut and cassava flour, applesauce, maple syrup, molasses, egg yolk plus spices. But the extra effort is worth it, as each ingredient packs a nutritional punch. The recipe also includes clove, a spice that some say soothes teething pain. When stored in the freezer, the biscuits last for months and offer a cool treat for your little one’s gums.

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9. Sugar-Free Baby Rusks

You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen right now for these sugar- and salt-free teething biscuits from the Welsh-Italian Chiapa sisters: eggs, flour, baking powder and applesauce (or another fruit puree). Add cinnamon, orange zest or Parmesan for extra flavor.

10. Healthy Homemade Teething Biscuits

Boys Ahoy‘s recipe calls for rice cereal, flour, coconut oil, cinnamon and banana (or applesauce). Roll out the dough and cut with your favorite cookie cutter to create crisp mum-mums in fun, baby-friendly shapes.

11. The Natural Mum’s Super Easy Rusk Recipe

With only two ingredients, you can whip up these teething treats from the Natural Mum anytime. All you need is a fruit or veggie puree and a few cups of spelt flour. Because the puree choice is up to you, the flavor options are endless. Try sweet potatoes one day and peaches the next.


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