These hostess gift ideas will make them feel so appreciated

Whether you’re heading to a holiday party or invited for a weekend visit, you’ll want to make sure you don’t show up empty-handed. Hostess gifts may be a little old-fashioned, but that’s because they really are a classic move that will never go out of style. Thanking your hostess (or host, of course) for their hospitality and any work they’ve put into making you, their guest, feel welcome, is always considerate. Although the sentiment has never gotten old, the gift itself changes from decade to decade. So, you’ll need some hostess gift ideas, especially with the upcoming holiday season.

These carefully curated gifts will please any hosts, even your hard-to-shop-for-sister-in-law. They’ll be welcome additions to their home, pantry, and every day, plus many of them actually make their next event that much easier to put together. Scroll down for our favorite hostess gift ideas for 2023.

TBH Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

this pinot noir from TBH vineyards is a good hostess gift idea
TBH Vineyards

A bottle of wine is always a good idea when it comes to a hostess gift. This wonderful Pinot Noir is made from 100% estate-grown organic grapes from Small Vines on the Sonoma Coast and is a full-bodied wine with hints of cherries, a floral scent, and a lovely lingering flavor. 

TBH Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ($104)—Buy Here! 

Copper Whistling Tea Kettle


This cute kettle bundled with some of your favorite hot cocoa and gourmet marshmallows make a fun family gift (with a bit of style thrown in).

Copper Whistling Tea Kettle ($37.80)—Buy Here!

Pizza Accessories Kit


Set them up for family pizza night with this set that comes with two pizza peels, a spatula and a rocking cutter.

Pizza Accessories Kit ($65.99)—Buy Here!

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Caddy Set

Beekman 1802

Goat milk is known for its moisturizing qualities. We love gifting this soap and lotion set especially since its fragrance-free and includes a counter caddy.

Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Caddy Set ($30.80)—Buy Here!

Tipsy Turvy Bar Glass Set

Who wouldn't want to toast with these gorgeous glasses? Champagne, sparking cider, or your favorite La Croix—we're using them for everything.

Tipsy Turvy Bar Glass Set ($32.95)—Buy Here!

Bamboo Multi-Level Cheese Board Set


Help enhance their next gathering with this pretty cheese board set, complete with 3 cutting and serving tools.

Bamboo Multi-Level Cheese Board Set ($79.99)—Buy Here!

Hoya Heart Succulent

This succulent will look darling on a windowsill and it needs very little maintenance (and is therefore the perfect gift, of course).

Hoya Heart Succulent ($39.99)—Buy Here!

Gold Leaf Glassware

Well Told

Glassware with a city map in 22-carat gold leaf is sure to endear your host to you even when your kid locks themselves in the bathroom in the middle of the party. Choose from 22 popular cities.

Gold Leaf Glassware ($23.95)—Buy Here!

Rainbow Agate Coaster Set of 4


Protect furniture from glass rings and toddler spills with this lovely coaster set of 4.

Rainbow Agate Coaster Set of 4 ($45.99)—Buy Here!

Superstitchous Blanket


San Francisco mom Samira Khoshnood created Superstitchous while on maternity leave after the birth of her first child. We love gifting these cozy blankets to pretty much anyone. Especially with a variety of charming prints and sizes, you can't go wrong.

Superstitchous Blanket ($88.00+)—Buy Here!

anecdote candles

anecdote candles

Made of long-lasting soy wax and hand-poured in California, these are a chic-meets-cheeky offering. There are a bunch of different single and bundle options to fit your favorite hostess's personality.

anecdote candles ($14.00+)—Buy Here!

Chocolarder Drinking Chocolate

Bar and Cocoa

What's better than hot cocoa? Drinking chocolate is a blend of cocoa and grated chocolate for a next-level (and super indulgent) gift.

Chocolarder Drinking Chocolate ($25.00)—Buy Here!

Paper Vase Wraps

Lucy Grymes

The perfect gift wrap for that bouquet of flowers you can grab on your way over; use a recycled jar, a can or a simple vase and make it dressy. Coated paper stock in lots of different color choices.

Paper Vase Wraps ($19.00)—Buy Here!

Fig Lemontini Craft Cocktail Kit


A botanical blend of fruits, herbs, and spices that only require adding the recommended choice of spirits for the perfect cocktail.

Fig Lemontini Craft Cocktail Kit ($28.00+)—Buy Here!

YETI Rambler 10 oz Wine Tumbler


Your hostess can keep her drink of choice cool while she gets everything ready when you gift her a Yeti Tumbler.

YETI Rambler 10 oz Wine Tumbler ($46.00)—Buy Here!

Classic Cowgirl Cheese Collection


A perfect trio of cheese from one of the country's best cheesemakers. Includes a decadent triple cream Mt Tam, funky and buttery Red Hawk, and versatile aged Wagon Wheel.

Classic Cowgirl Cheese Collection ($89.95)—Buy Here!

PureWine Purifier Wands


Filter out sulfites with this simple wine filter and say goodbye to wine headaches. Simply add one to each glass you pour and in 3 minutes, you'll have a clean-tasting filtered glass of your favorite grapes.

PureWine Purifier Wands ($11.99+)—Buy Here!

Bloom Tamarind Wood Bowl


Filled with lemons or a large salad, this bowl is a stunner they'll love displaying.

Bloom Tamarind Wood Bowl ($99.95)—Buy Here!


—Kate Loweth, Amber Guetebier, Gabby Cullen, & Kate Cartia


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