When your little one has reached their 15-minute max with their favorite toy (sigh) and rejects every other one in sight (Magnatiles? No. That art kit you thought would be a hit? Mmmm….No!), the task of keeping them entertained—while maintaining your own sanity—seems impossible. If you need tips for activities to help your toddler handle boredom while stuck indoors, you need to watch this TikTok video.

In the video, mom Kay Kline shares five genius household activities—all approved by her own two-year-old—that don’t involve traditional toys or playing outside. They’re all simple, stimulate your kiddo’s imagination, and will help both of you survive indoor play until ideal weather rolls back around.


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  1. The first activity helps toddlers practice nail cutting. Kay noticed her daughter using a clothespin to practice on her fingers, so she leveled up to real nail cutters, which the two use on uncooked fettuccine noodles. Bonus if you have different sizes of clippers for your toddler to try.
  2. The next activity is using a wallet filled with (not important) cards and simply taking them out and putting them back in. If you know kids this age, you know that this simple activity can keep them entertained for hours.
  3. On to skincare: Kay admits that her toddler got into her expensive products and squeezed out too much—so she went to Target and found an affordable set of travel-sized bottles they could play with together, practicing opening and closing different types of containers.
  4. The next one is great practice for when your kiddo is older: Does your little one like pulling clothes out of drawers and laundry baskets? Redirect their “helping” attempts by separating out all the socks (maybe even adding some extra) and letting them sort and roll up the matching pairs.
  5. And finally, sorting silverware. Kay got some flatware sets and an organizer from the dollar store just for her toddler to play with, but she said they also unload the dishwasher together.

Use these household activities as a jumping-off point—let them inspire you to find other ways to engage your toddler while teaching them life skills around the house!

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