Put Down the Duckie: 9 Household Items to Play with in the Bath

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Every parent knows that bath time can be one of the most imaginative times of play, but you don’t need an arsenal of toys to keep it interesting.  We’ve rounded up a list of 9 easy items you’re likely to have already. Move over rubber duckie!

baby in bath with bubblephoto: pimkie via flickr 

  1. Colander. Every parent’s favorite kitchen-item-turned-toy. Ideally a plastic or silicon one but even a metal one will do.
  2. Yogurt or sour cream container, with or without holes. Any small plastic container works and you can up the game by poking holes in the bottom to make it like a mini-shower.
  3. Paintbrushes. Let them paint with water!
  4. A potato or vegetable scrubber. These usually float in the water and you might even get them to scrub their nails.
  5. Turkey baster. Think of it as a trigger-free squirt gun!
  6. An egg beater. The old fashioned hand-crank kind, best for older (4 and up) in the bath, let them crank it right through those foamy bubbles.
  7. A sponge. Who knew life could be so easy as entertaining your kids with a household sponge?
  8. An across-the-sink strainer. If you’ve got one of these, try stretching it across the tub both as a little shelf for play and as a clever way to let the toys dry.
  9. Goggles or snorkle mask. Also a great way to get them less timid about putting their faces in the water. Best for ages 3 and up.

Got any clever bath time tricks? Share in the comments below.