Bring Back Family (& Friends) Game Night with Houseparty

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It wasn’t that long ago when we were hanging out with our besties while the kids were digging in the sand at the playground…right? And though it actually feels like ages since we were in the same room as the friends and family we love, there’s a way to keep that close-vibe going through social distancing and beyond: Houseparty.

Houseparty is a split-screen group video chat that turns into a virtual game night! It’s the next best thing to hanging out in person. It’s free, can be installed on your phone or accessed on desktop via their web app and is full of features that literally bring the party to your house. 


Not Your Everyday Video Conference

Game play is clear and simple (unlike figuring out how to change your virtual background). Houseparty is fun for all ages, even with a “full house” of 8 people playing at once! You can choose from Trivia; Heads Up!; Quick Draw; and Chips and Guac—not to be confused with the delicious appetizer but equally as fun. 

“In da House!” or Fashionably Late?

When you open the app it lets your friends and family know you’ve arrived and are ready to party. There also is a way to “drop in” in a party with your friends without having to send notice – just “long press” the app icon.

You Can Pass Virtual Notes & Send Facemail

Facemail?! Yep, it’s a thing: just record a video message through the app, and send it to any of your Houseparty contacts! You can also “pass a note” (just like in middle school) and privately chat someone in the group. 

It’s Safe, Secure & Free

Download the app FREE to your phone or computer. Not only is Houseparty easy to use, it is safe and secure, private. and only connects you with people you know. 

Don’t go one more day without throwing a Houseparty in your house! Stay connected to the people you care about most! Learn more at and download it for free at App Store or on Google Play or the the desktop version here.

—Jamie Aderski