Houseparty Launches UNO Game

UNO Houseparty
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Many people are still staying safe at home and they are looking for new ways to connect with their loved ones during this time. Friends and family can gather on the Houseparty app for free and play party games, just like they would do if they were together in person. Houseparty just announced the release of UNO free for all users. 

The game will be available to play virtually with friends for the first time ever, only on Houseparty on Jul. 31. This is the second game to launch in partnership with Mattel after Magic 8-Ball. 

The fun and accessible games within Houseparty have made it a unique social app, and UNO will be the 7th game added to Houseparty’s collection of games. The full catalog includes Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up, Trivia, a card game called “Chips and Guac,” a drawing game called “QuickDraw”, a word creation game called “Word Racers” and the beloved “Magic 8-Ball” from Mattel.

The UNO card game will play just like the in person version of UNO. As always, the aim of the game is to be the first player to play all your cards, sabotaging your friends along the way.  

To play a game of UNO visit, select your device and download the app.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Houseparty