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It’s date night! At least, it should be. Come on mama, you know you need a night off. And a night out. You love those littles with all your heart. But sometimes you need to eat in a restaurant that doesn’t hand out crayons with their menus. And if you want a night out, you need a sitter. Of course, that can get pricey. But do you know just how pricey it can get? Well, Urbansitter recently revealed what the national averages are for babysitting rates in 2017.

Sorry West Coast mamas. After surveying more than 20,000 families Urbansitter found that San Francisco sitters cost the most nationally. And how much are San Fran parents paying? The average cost is $17.34/hour!

If you’re hoping that your city is the lowest when it comes to babysitter costs, you’d also better hope that you live in Denver. The Colorado city’s average sitter chargers $12.22/hour.

When it comes to sitting costs over the course of a year, almost half of parents spend over $1,000 annually. Not only are parents paying more than just a little bit for sitters, but they’re also using them often. One-third of parents use babysitters once a week or more. Only a meager 5% use sitters once or not at all in a year.

Oh, and the number of kids that you have matters. While parents with one kiddo paid an average of $15.20/hour nationally, those with two kids paid $17.34/hour and those with three paid $19.57/hour.

How often do you use a sitter? What do you pay per hour? Tell us in the comments below.

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