How to Turn Your Child into a Bunny

They hop all around and take tiny bites of food so your kids are pretty much halfway to being bunnies already. With a few tips from us, your little snugglers will soon embrace that inner bunny. Hop on down to see how to do it.

photo: cartersbebemom via pixabay

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1. Bunnies are ridiculously soft to the touch so dress up by wearing your most comfortable outfit. For those who take crafting seriously, make ears out of construction paper and a headband like the ones here. If you want to avoid a mess, holding up two fingers on each hand to your head works too. Just don’t forget to give those fingers a little wiggle.

2. Hop time! Crouch down into a squat and keep those legs together as you make tiny jumps across the room. Some bunnies leap bounds and others have a lighter spring in their step. It’s all up to you!

3. “Eat like a rabbit.” This phrase doesn’t just refer to speedy nibbling. It’s also a great way to convince your kiddo to eat their veggies. After all you are what you eat right? Carrots, celery, spinach—a bunny’s diet is 75% leafy greens and 25% fruit. In human terms, this means your veggie portion for the day should be 75% vegetables and 25% fruit.

4. Do everything quietly. While this action can be a blessing in disguise, we all know parents fear of prolonged silence, so here’s a quick list of noises bunnies are known to make: grunting, honking, teeth purring (grinding), sneezing and sighing. All your pal has to do is turn the volume low when they make these noises.

5. Be affectionate. Have you ever seen bunnies at the pet store? It’s a cuddle fest! Bunnies love to share, kiss and cuddle so this is a great way to get siblings to be loving. We’ll even suggest snuggling up and taking a nap with your little one.

Are you planning on becoming a bunny today? Tell us your tricks and tips in the Comments below!


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