Cardboard is an amazing building material for kids and you are only limited by your imagination. Tape and scissors are all you need to turn a few moving boxes into an afternoon of entertainment. Read on to discover how to build a cardboard rocket in just a few steps thanks to our friends at Built by Kids.

1. Cut one side of the box to make it flat.

2. Reinforce the cardboard by taping over the cut parts.

3. Draw a curved line at the top of each flattened box and cut with scissors.

We think building a cardboard rocket is the perfect activity for a winter day. How did yours turn out? Fill us in below!

Parents to a little guy who’s two feet tall, Timothy and Laura Dahl founded Built by Kids as an extension of their adventures in raising a capable, confident and independent man. The Dahls are inspired by the Makers of the past and are passionate about introducing the next generation to the skills and creative thinking that will help empower their future.

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