Do you know how to clean your travel mug lid? If you think you do, check again—because when one woman checked her YETI, she found a hidden world of downright yucky-ness.

After hearing about a couple who discovered that their mystery illnesses came from travel mug lids, Veronica Lucas did some at-home investigation. And what did she discover? After taking apart the mug’s removable seal, she found all kinds of not-so-nice looking moldy gunk growing. After finding the growth, Lucas posted pics of it to Facebook—getting plenty of attention.

Lucas isn’t the first person to go viral with a moldy mug warning. Last fall, sports chiropractor Dr. Beau Pierce, posted a YouTube video explaining how he solved one of his patient’s mystery illness complaints by looking under their travel mug lid.

Even though both Lucas and Pierce referred to YETI products, this isn’t a brand-specific problem. Any travel mug (or for that matter, any reusable cup or container) that is exposed to moisture on a regular basis is at risk.

What can you do to protect yourself? Take apart your travel mug completely, including that little rubber gasket under the lid. Scrub the mug thoroughly or use a dishwasher and hand-washing combo (assuming your mug is dishwasher safe). Thoroughly dry the mug after washing.

Another tip? Replace your mug every so often. That ages-old coffee cup that you’ve had since college may seem nostalgic, but in reality, it could make you sick.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Lisa Fotios via Pexels



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