Welcome to the DWC—a.k.a., the Divorced Women’s Club.

Ultimately, the Divorced Women’s Club is one no one ever wanted to join. However, it—is also true that while the price of membership is steep, great friendships can be made and support can be realized simply by acknowledging you have become a member. Therefore, start looking to others who wear the same metaphorical DWC “t-shirt” as you now do—and find the comfort you need through their companionship and camaraderie.

Form Friendships that Assist in Healing

While it can be incredibly helpful to be comforted by those who have experienced what you are going through and ultimately survived, there is also comfort to be had in serving as the experienced party and helping those who are just entering the circle.

A Reason for Everything

I believe people come in and out of your life for different reasons. I used to joke that I have some lifelong friends and I have some situational friends. Situational friends are what they sound like-people you become friends with because of a particular situation happening in your life.

So, in this new stage of your life, you may have divorced friends where the common thread is that you are divorced (or divorcing) and therefore are going through the same process. There is nothing wrong with having friends who move in and out of your life at certain times and serve certain purposes. Allow yourself to have the support system of other divorced women.

Seek out these people because divorce is a raw and personal experience. You will benefit from he support from these women who will be more understanding because they get it.

A True Sisterhood

Divorced women talk to other divorced women. This makes sense because you want to speak to people who have firsthand experience and knowledge of what you went through. Everyone will have different stories and varied experiences-some will love their divorce attorneys and others will hate theirs.

Their situations vary, but there is a common thread: they can help you.

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